Chuck Norris Bit by a Zombie

July 21, 2010 12:01 am Cartoons, featured, Humor, Pictures

What happens when Chuck Norris gets Bitten by a Zombie

As with most thing that happen in life, they affect Chuck Norris differently. Being bitten by a zombie is no exception to this well-known rule. Well, the zombie didn’t know it, but he does now. Chuck doesn’t become the walking undead in search of brains. No. The walking undead can now effectively kick-ass as Chuck Norris. Not a bad deal for the zombie.

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  1. Everybody LOVES Chuck Norris!!!!!

  2. Phil E. Drifter says:

    Everyone does NOT love chuck norris, brian; he's a born again religitard — oops i mean christian (or some sh*t). And this is just a rehash of 'superman wears chuck norris pajamas to bed at night.'


    • You Mad says:

      You're visibly upset.

    • A god, not the God. says:

      You are somehow angry at religion not just at Chuck; you must be a evolutard or some shit.

      Believing in evolution is also a belive, and a kind of religion; just as well believing in not a god/creator and being an ateist is a believe and a religion.

    • Random says:

      Do you belive in the sun? Do you believe in the wind?
      You don’t, because you don’t need to. Their existence isn’t based on beliefs, but on facts. Evolution is the same, it’s based on fact, you just refuse to acknowledge it because you fell threatened by its implication. Faith has no place in it.

      And Chuck Norris is a racist bigot, and most of these jokes were about Vin Diesel originaly.

    • you mad so sad says:

      Failcopter has landed at your door, please board with your kids, your gay lover and the parents whom are ashamed of you.

      Your clothes and photos will be burned.

  3. PHiL says:

    No…the zombie would just break his teeth on Chuck Norris' skin. Then Chuck Norris would roundhouse kick it in the virus.

  4. Lex says:

    Just how did this legend get started?

    • A god, not the God. says:

      Have you ever heard of search engines, such as google or yahoo ?

      And wikipedia, is that something you know of ?

      Then please use them, and I bet you find the answer !

    • Tommy says:

      3 words… Walker Texas Ranger

    • Anonymous says:

      A good question, but not as good as why do people insist on continuing this tired tired joke which was only the tiniest bit amusing in the first place?

  5. kreiyu says:

    Oh dear god. hordes of zombie chuck norris's would be the most epic and terrifiyng apocalypse ever!

  6. Anonymous says:

    No, He would turn into a zombie. Chuck Norris is nothing special.

  7. Sierra says:

    Chuck Norris is a old ass man who could give a damn about how people stupidly idolize him.

    Chuck Norris would be pawned by Tyrant for your information.

    RE for life!!

  8. charley says:

    people really need to get a sence of humor.

  9. Rondo says:


    a zombie would never get within a mile of chuck norris

  10. Bron says:


    what you said basically reads that chuck norris does care, which i believe to be counter to the statement you planned to make.

    Respect the n't!

  11. Kimi says:

    This would be problematic as this would then make almost every zombie chuck norris. Since one would become chuck norris, and since chuck norris is human more zombies would bite that zombie, this would create a world infested with Norris’s
    but remember…
    there can only be one…

  12. Bob says:

    Chuck Norris will kill all the non-believers.

  13. you mad so sad says:

    Chuck will kill all non-believers and then he will smile upon the heaven on he that he has created. =]

  14. RageMuffin says:

    round house kicking zombies… hmm

  15. Vergleicher says:

    Hehe, those Chuck Norris jokes never get old. I also liked Rondos comment: a zombie would never get within a mile of chuck norris. :)

  16. weez says:

    then John Wayne would show up and both chucks would die from exposure to massive amounts of awesome.