X-Dogs: A Parody of X-Men #1

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It’s hard to believe that it’s been more than 40 years since the very first X-Men comic came out.  X-Men #1 is a classic, introducing characters that have become a part of comic legend, including one of the greatest villains ever to grace the printed page – Magneto.  Ever since the success of our Marvel Cats post we had been “batting” around the idea of doing a parody of X-Men #1 for a while, and we finally got one of our favorite artists, Kelly Ishikawa, to do it for us.  With little direction, this is the incredible comic cover parody he illustrated.

The X-Dogs

As for the characters, we have Cyclops, represented by a German Shepherd known for its leadership and intelligence, Iceman has been re-imagined as a Samoyed, a cold-weather dog that’s all white, Marvel Girl as a Cocker Spaniel to give her the same hair style as the original, Beast is now a Bulldog for its strength and stocky build, and Angel is a Golden Retriever, as they both have blonde hair and Warren Worthington III has been referred to as the “Golden Boy” several times through the years.

How’s about a little history?  X-Men #1 was released in September of 1963, and introduced us to Cyclops, Marvel Girl, Angel, Beast, Iceman, Magneto, and Professor Xavier.  Since then, it has spun off numerous related comic lines (X-Factor, X-Force, Excalibur), several major comics events (Phoenix/Dark Phoenix Saga, House of M, Decimation, Age of Apocalypse), a handful of Saturday morning cartoons for children, and a series of successful films.

From the original five X-Men there is now a roster of more than 50 characters, including standouts such as fan favorites Wolverine, Deadpool, and Gambit, and more impressive villains such as Apocalypse and Juggernaut.  But how does our X-dogs cover parody compare to the original X-men cover?  Well, let’s see.

X-Men/X-Dogs Comparison

The layout of the characters is the same, though there have been some changes.  Marvel comics is now Mongrel Comics, though the cost has stayed the same.  No longer are they the strangest super-heroes of all, but now the mangiest.  Angel’s bazooka has been replaced by a giant bone, and of course Magneto is now a feline named Meowneto.

There are several other slight differences between the original and our fun parody, so see if you can spot them all.  Hope you enjoy it, and if so, please go check out the artist’s page (KellylIshikawa.com) as he really has done an amazing job on this. You can also see other comic work at Ranked Hard, an SEO Comic. He is also available for freelance work. You won’t regret hiring him. We didn’t!

This is an original work of art and we ask that the art not be used without permission. Please do not place any imagery on your site without written permission from DigitalBusStop.com.

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