Worst Christmas Number One Songs

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Artists within the music fraternity are always looking to win credits for having the number one Christmas song every year. The quest for this achievement is sometimes marked by controversy as weird and tasteless compositions end up taking the day. Novices and amateurs alike are locked in a frenzied rush to have their numbers nominated for this event. The December mood suddenly exhibits a preference for flavorless music. Here is a list of five most awful UK Christmas number one hits.

Killing in the Name – Rage against the Machine (2009)

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The 2009 Christmas song of the year is remarkably one of the bland numbers to have made it to number one in many years. The Rage against the Machine band conspired with a group of defiant X-factor opponents, who were keen on frustrating top contenders from getting the top spot. The song’s title is nothing to write home about, not forgetting the disparaging elements in the lyrics. True to reviews, most people who supported it did not really like the content. An objectionable drive and a feeling of resentment inspired it; the justification of having it at number one was simply flawed.

Mr. Blobby – Mr. Blobby (1993)

Rated as UK’s worst Christmas hit of all time, Mr. Blobby featured in a television cast in the 1990s. Mr. Blobby was depicted a disliked dummy character who was to gain popularity and attained a theme park song, which took the 1993 Christmas songs recognition from deserving groups. The awful number was to deny renowned hit group Take That the top spot, even though the Mr. Blobby music composition was barely a match to any amateur compositions. This is not forgetting the incompatible theme it displayed, in contrast with the Christmas mood.

Lonely This Christmas – Mud (1974)

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The Christmas season is not a time to depict seclusion and misery. Lonely This Christmas is one hit that degrades the festive mood synonymous with Christmas. The dreary lyric composition of a character jilted over Christmas, will sure numb down your graceful spirits faster than any monotonous nursery tune ever. Gloominess is a bad theme for a Christmas adventure; yet it is utterly unimaginable that the song really made it to number one in 1974 and still features among other top Christmas hits.

Long Haired Lover from Liverpool – Jimmy Osmond (1972)

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Long Haired Lover from Liverpool was another hit that other than having a disjointed Christmas concept, gained popularity for all the wrong reasons. Having been sang by a member of the Osmond’s family, which was a reason many thought it deserved a top spot, the only mentionable aspect about the song was the accomplishment by Johnny Osmond. Johnny was the youngest member from the Osmond’s to have a top Christmas at only nine years, though the song still had a lackluster effect.

Please Daddy Don’t Get Drunk This Christmas- John Denver (1975)

Although Denver had been acclaimed as a powerful Christmas song composer with several Christmas hits, his 1975 sad Christmas composition made it to the top of the worst Christmas hits of all times. Unlike his previous hits, this one left a remorseful feeling over a Christmas mood that should have sounded fairly cheery. Many other reviews censure the song, perhaps because it was a real Christmas time error.

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