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The World Bodypainting Festival has been around since 1998.  For the first twelve years it was heald in Seeboden, Carinthia, Austria, but has since moved to Pörtschach am Wörthersee, nearby in Austria.  The festival got a slow start in 1998, when it was organized by Alex Barendregt, who was just pulling ideas out of the air because he was told to create some sort of festival.  Today, it is the bodypainting world’s largest event, attracting over two hundred artists and models, and thousands of visitors each year.

Bodypainting – body art that washes off.

Here are some amazing photographs from the latest World Bodypainting Festival.

female peacock face painting

Pretty as a peacock – face painting.


Meow, Kitty.

from the heart

This is a girl who really wears her heart on her…well.

on fire

Fire.  Pretty.

Painted Model 1

Holy eyelashes!


This must have taken so much time.


Ooh, pretty.

There has been an Asian version of this festival since 2008, held in Daegu, South Korea.

And some photos from the World Bodypainting Festival throughout the years:




and spookier still.  note the credit for the photo to the left inside the image.

cater photo

Mona Lisa of the Bodypainting world.  Photo attributed to Caters.

golden age



Mrs. Jekyll/Ms. Hyde


no typing happening in this get-up.


there are no words.

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