Weird Dog Toys and Costumes

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We all love our dogs, but sometimes we make mistakes like giving them strange toys or dressing them up in weird costumes.  Here are a few of the better ones I’ve found.

Buck Teeth Chew Toy

Buck Teeth Dog Chew Toy

I’m not sure which I find more disturbing:  the buck teeth or the beautiful gigantic lips.

Cerberus Costume

Cerberus Dog Costume

For anybody that never took a Classics class, Cerberus was the 3-headed dog that guarded the gates to the underworld.  The fact that this costume has been designed for a teeny tiny little dog is a bit sad.

Dolphin Chew Toy

Dolphin Dog Chew Toy

I’m pretty sure GreenPeace is going to have a big issue with this toy.  Teaching dogs to attack dolphins just seems like a bad idea.

Drink Chew Toys

Bark's and Mountain Drool dog chew toys

Bark’s and Mountain Drool?  Really?  Seeing this made me die a little inside.

Fire Hydrant Chew Toy

Fire Hydrant Dog Chew Toy

I fear that this toy may set a bad precedent with a dog.  Future run-ins with real fire hydrants could result in dental injuries.

Giraffe Costume

Giraffe Dog Costume

Ok seriously, what’s with giving little dogs costumes of creatures that are supposed to be bigger than them?  You’re giving them a complex.

Monkey Chew Toy

Monkey Dog Chew Toy

The mocking monkey is just asking for whatever he has coming to him.

iPhone Chew Toy

iPhone dog chew toy

Based on what I’m hearing about the new iPhone 4, maybe we should give dogs real iPhones since they’re about as useful as this stuffed toy.

Sex Slave Chew Toy

Sex Slave dog chew toy

I really don’t want to see the family that gives this to their dog.

Smile Chew Toy

Smiling dog chew toy

I never want to see my dog smile that much.  The day he does is the day I know for sure that he’s plotting my demise.

Yoda Costume

Yoda dog costume

Embarrassing your dog you are.

Mustache Chew Toy

Mustache dog chew toy

This toy only works on a Bull Dog.  Any other dog and it’s going to look weird…maybe a little creepy.

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