Victorian Star Wars Characters


Ok, so I’m on a bit of an artist kick so far this week.  Greg Peltz has done an amazing job of re-imagining some of our favorite Star Wars characters (from the only trilogy that matters) as if they were in the Victorian era.  He’s done some truly amazing work on these and I wanted to share it.


I think we can all agree that 3PO would have a bowler hat and bow tie if he was in the Victorian era.

Boba Fett

Not sure about the top hat on top of his helmet, but I do like the high collar on his coat.


Chewbacca should always have a monacle.  Always.

Darth Vader

Looks like a Civil War general in this photo.  I’m sure it’d be blasphemy to say in the South, but I’m betting Vader could take Robert E Lee.  Just saying.

Jabba the Hut

Much like Chewbacca, this should be the version of Jabba that we always see.  Love the facial hair.

Luke and Leia

Ah the twins.  Somehow Leia’s hair style is less humorous when you think of her in Victorian times.  What does that say about the Victorian era?

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