Unique and Amazing Bookshelves

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As an avid reader of just about anything I can get my hands on, I have a fairly large collection of books in my home. ¬†While I do have a fairly large bookshelf devoted to storing all of my books, I don’t have anything as inventive or extensive as some of these truly spectacular bookshelves.

Cave Bookshelf

Gives reading nook a new meaning

Wine Bookshelf

Looks like it should be holding bottles of wine instead of books

Infinity Bookshelf

A bookshelf with no beginning and no end

Playhouse Bookshelf

Part bookshelf, part child's playhouse

Pyramid Bookshelf

This bookshelf looks like it belongs in a museum instead of library

Slanted Bookshelf

I really hope it was built like this, because if not they should really get their money back

Spider-Web Bookshelf

Charlotte's web couldn't do this - that's a book joke

Spiral Bookshelf

Limited on how many books it can hold, but impressive to look at

Stair Bookshelf

A great use of limited space to make sure your books are taken care of

Table Bookshelf

Ok, so this one is more decorative, but still a great design

USA Bookshelf

I've never heard reading called Patriotic...

Wall Bookshelf

The chair and laptop almost seem out of place

Wavy Bookshelf

I want this bookshelf more than words can express

Yin Yang Bookshelf

The Zen of Reading?

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