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Packing Peanuts for lift and support


Packing peanuts are just for shipping and cushioning your fragile items they also provide support for your breasts. Designer by Rj Dollen, thankfully. I think Lilia Staahl would look good in anything so this really isn’t a fair test for the fashion sense of wearing packing peanuts as a top.

Uncovering a new fashion trend is always the dream of a fashion designer. How easy it can be to overlook the fashion statements all around us…even in the gutters, the trash cans and the recycled bins. I’m not suggesting this is the best choice for that party at the club or even your friends wedding, but for sheer absurdity, you can’t go wrong with these trashy dresses from a recycled wardrobe.

 Trash Bag Dress for Success


Not sure what to wear? Need a quick fix and something formal, say in black? Black is always in style and trash bags are usually easy to find. This reminds me of the episode of the Carol Burnett show where Carol Burnett wears the window dressings in a skit mocking Gone with the Wind. She is asked where she found it and replies that she saw it in the window. I guess this model saw it in the trash?

Wal-mart White Dress


You just got back from huge grocery trip to Wal-mart. Well, guess what? Not only did you pick up your food for the next 3 months for a measly $12.37, but you also have your look for the spring in an airy, white shopping bag dress that will turn heads.

Legos never stacked up so well


Gorgeous Lego shopping bag dress by Rj Dollen. I especially love how the hole for the bag’s handle is strategically placed over the Sara Lynn’s belly button. It is the little touches that matter.

An Ad for your body


Show everyone what you like in your advertisements and what magazine you read…and wear. Be a conversational piece with your wardrobe and have conversation starters in your wardrobe.

Gotta Get there overnight in my Fed Ex Bikini


Rj Dollen calls is a dress, I say chic bikini. Who knows? Maybe we are both right. All I know is waiting for my Fed Ex package, just got a whole lot more exciting. Ding, dong!

Expanded Cardboard Bustier? Expanded Style!


I’m all for expansion in both clothes and style. This little number hits the mark for both. Nice animal print bag as an accessory. Hope it is faux.

Bubble Wrap Gown makes popping the bubbles even more fun


This bubble dress by Rj Dollen makes me want to pop all the bubbles. Wonder why a smaller bubble wasn’t chosen. More interest there, I think and more fun for bubble popping. Pop, pop, pop!

We found this at the Recycled Wardrobe Collection, and they write,  the Recycled Wardrobe Collection which is a collection of high fashion trash… or at least items that would be come trash if not recycled. So we took it upon ourselves to give recycling a new image. Something less hippie and more sexy. We’ve started the collection with a handful of our own Recycled Wardrobe pieces and we’re putting the call out to you, the creative type, the shutterbugs and anyone else with a creative and/or sexy way to contribute to the collection and cause.

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