Transparent Screens

Artwork, Photo Manipulations

Let’s be honest, we at Digital Bus Stop have done plenty of pieces on photo manipulation, but I think that this might actually be one of my favorites.  Various people have created wallpapers on their computers that mimic the setting behind the screen.  Some are as simple as actual wallpaper, while some are far more complex.


Somebody needs some cable ties.

Ambient Light

Getting the angle right so that the shadow patterns would be correct is what makes this one so impressive.



The layered computers is a neat trick.



This one really only works if you stick your hand behind the screen.

Lava Lamp


Has a nice TRON: Legacy feel to it.  Getting the lava lamp in the image is a nice touch.

Augmented Reality


If you like these, or have your own, you can go to this website and both see more examples and submit your own image.

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