Top 5 Stunts in Car Movies You Shouldn’t Try at Home


If you are a gearhead I am sure that you have a favorite car film. Most of us love car films and many of us wish we could do the things they do in the films however; there are a few car films that have scenes that are way to wild, crazy or dangerous, that you shouldn’t attempt at home. There are many movies that have scenes like the this but the 5 craziest are:

5. Smokey and the Bandit 

Eastbound and Down loaded up and trucking were gonna do what they say can’t be done! Smokey and the Bandit the 1977 movie which stars Jerry Reed and Burt Reynolds (as the Bandit) hauling Coors beer from Texas back to Georgia (Coors was illegal in Georgia in 1977). They run into some interesting times along the way including a few car chases, picking up a hot chick, lots of comedic moments and running from a crazy crooked sheriff (aka Smokey)! Did I also mention that there is also a sexy black 1977 Pontiac Trans Am that is Bandit’s car and one of the stars of the movie?

The Scene you shouldn’t try- The scene is the famous Jump scene that happens about half way through the movie. Bandit (Reynolds) and the girl are running from Smokey in the Trans Am when he takes a detour where the bridge is out and he jumps it in his 77 Trans Am. The cops don’t make it aren’t able to make it and half to find a way around.

Why you shouldn’t try it- You know the part from the song that says “…they say can’t be done” well technically the jump did really happen during filming but chances are you are not a stunt driver and you do not own a car capable of jumping a bridge.  The jump was in a controlled environment but most likely you won’t be in one. Plus you need a 77 Trans Am with a 455 motor swapped into to pull it off!


4. Vanishing Point (1971)

Kowalski (played by Barry Newman) is a Delivery driver who has to deliver a 1970 white Dodge Challenger with a supercharged 440 Motor to San Francisco. He decides to do this delivery driving as fast as he can (He’s driving a 440 Mopar so who wouldn’t drive fast), which leads to him being chased by the cops and the FBI.

The Scene you shouldn’t try at home: The Whole Movie! The movie Vanishing Point is one big giant car chase that lasts through the whole movie.

Why you shouldn’t try this- Chances are you do not own a 1970 Dodge Challenger, you probably drive something a Honda Civic, or a Ford 150, or a Ford Mustang or Toyota to work/ school every day. I am sure your Mustang is a fast car but it is no Dodge Challenger. Oh yeah, you might also get arrested for trying this…

3. American Graffiti (1973)

Where were you in ’62? Well long before he created Star Wars and Indiana Jones, George Lucas was out cruising the streets of Modesto California and he was picking up girls, hanging out at dinners, driving fast cars, listening to Wolfman Jack and contemplating leaving for college (come on George all of us know that Curt is based off of you). Lucas’ 1973 movie American Graffiti takes to see what it was like on the last day of summer in 1962. It is full of cruising, stop light drag races, diner hopping, rock n roll, cars and more cars.

The Scene you shouldn’t try at home- Near the end of the movie one of the main characters, John Milner agrees to drag race a new comer Bob Falfa who has been (Harrison Ford) at Paradise Road on the out skirts of town. Milner is using a Hot Rod 32 Ford “Piss Yellow” Coupe and Falfa a sleek black 55 Chevy hot rod. Both cars were lined up and revving their V8 engines for what should have been the greatest drag race in American History but sadly tragedy strikes when Falfa’s tire blows out and his car flips over.

Why you shouldn’t try this scene- I’ll give you a spoiler, Falfa’s character and everyone else is 100% OK after the crash just the car is totaled. Even though today’s drag radials are much better than 1962 tires, making blow outs less common street racing is still dangerous. Plus you probably don’t have a cool car like a 32 Ford or a 55 Chevy to race in.

2. Gone in Sixty Seconds (1974)

While the 2000 remake maybe overall the better movie since it has a better plot and better acting ,the 1974 original version has the better car chase! The 1974 version was made by Toby Halicki who wrote, directed, produced, did all of the stunts and started in the movie! Toby plays Maindrian Pace a skilled car theif who has agreed to steal 48 cars for $400,000.

The scene you shouldn’t try- Near the end of the movie Pace steals a 1973 Ford Mustang Mach 1 code named Eleanor. The police, who have been tipped off are waiting for him to steal the Mustang, they spot him and one of the greatest movie car chases in history begins. The car chase lasts for over 30 minutes and in that 30 minutes Eleanor wrecks over 90 cop cars, drives inside a dealership, jumps over a police blockaide, heads to a car wash, cars out of control and Pace drives the car like his live dependent on it! It is a chase full of tire screeching action and a whole lot of destruction!

Why you shouldn’t try it- Well as fun and exciting as this car chase seems, unless you are a professional driver you probably don’t have the experience to drive like Toby did in the movie (no stunt cars were used, all real). Not mention the damage caused to the city in the movie as well, I wouldn’t want to pay for that!

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1. Bullitt (1968)

The classic action flick/mystery/thriller/car film from 1968. This movie starring Steve McQueen has it all, action, adventure, suspense, women, the first ever on screen saying of B.S. and a 1968 Mustang Fastback as well as a 1968 Dodge Charger.

The scene you shouldn’t try at home- The famous car chase that serves as the movies first climax (second one that is a shootout happens later). Bullitt (played by Steve McQueen) is in his 1968 Mustang when he gets involved in a cat and mouse car chase with two hit men in their 68 Dodge Charger. The chase takes places through the streets of San Francisco and it is probably the most intense, action packed car chase ever produced on screen! The chase starts out with the Hitmen chasing McQueen, but the tables get turned and McQueen begins chasing the hitmen. The chase is fast paced and features tire screeching, and wheel spinning action as well as  hub caps flying off, a mysterious VW Bug that keeps showing up, cars ram each other and this whole chase was done without stunt cars!

Why you shouldn’t try it- Well the streets of San Francisco are crowded and  maybe hard to drive through. You are probably better off trying this chase on a back country road. Plus 68 Mustangs and 68 Chargers are expensive so if you damage the body good luck paying for the repairs. Not mention where are, you going to get a Green VW Bug that can keep mysteriously reappearing out of now where? Now if you think you can drive and you have a 68 Mustang or Charger by all means try the chase!

Post contributed by Josh, car maniac @Carincalculator

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