Top 10 Funny Anthropomorphic Food T-shirts


As a t-shirt designer I spend a lot of time browsing the web checking out the latest t-shirt trends. One thing I’ve noticed is shirts featuring funny anthropomorphic food are always popular. I could do a top ten just featuring moldy-zombie  food t-shirts, although that would be zombipamorphic Food… I think. The point is, there are herds of funny shirts with food acting like people – so here’s a round of up of the best.

1. An Agreeable Artichoke t-shirt from ShirtWoot, Shirt Woot is a daily deal site, so this shirt is probably not available currently, but it’s such a cute little illustration of a friendly artichoke, how can you not smile?

Okey  Dokey Artichokey, Woot, Anthropomorphic food, t-shirt

2. Bacon Makes Everything Better t-shirt from Loyal Army: we could do an entire top 10 just about bacon t-shirt, but here’s a particularly cute one. This bacon knows he’s the answer to all of your problems (except obesity) and he’s willing to lay down his little life for you – look at how happy he seems just chill’n in that pan.

3. Oooooh Burn t-shirt from Snorg Tees: this toast just got burned, so snap! Would you like some ice for that? Or maybe some butter? Anthropomorphic bread is a really popular t-shirt concept, breakfast food in general is pretty popular among t-shirt designers.

burn,  snorg tees, t-shirts

4. Toaster Love t-shirt by Busted Tees: This sexy toaster wants to get it on with this piece of bread. See, it’s funny to apply human attributes to food and household appliances.

5. I Make Bread Fun t- shirt from Questionable

Content- This funny little toaster t-shirt is from webcomic artist Jeph Jacques. Technically this isn’t an anthropomorphic food t-shirt, but I felt a toaster was close enough.

6. Let’s Go Gave Breakfast t-shirt from Redbubble: Reminiscent of the anthropomorphic dancing food from old movie theaters, this has a vintage feel and celebrates the most important meal of the day – Breakfast!

breakfast parade, food, happy food, t-shirt

7. Orange U Sick  of Vampire Yet t-shirt from Delias: True Blood, Vampire Diaries, Twilight, when will this trend end? Well, these vampire oranges are cute and funny and make a great point.

orange vampire, orange juice,

8. First is the Wurst t-shirt by Busted Tees – And the winner is, the wurst! It’s funny because of the double meaning and the idea of a sausage running a race.

first,  wurst, hot dog

9. I’m Popcorn t-shirt by Goats: I never noticed how much like a little monster popcorn looks.

popcorn, t-shirt

10. Sleeping Sushi t-shirt from Threadless: Darling little rice balls sleeping under pieces of raw fish… too cute.

Melody Stone is a marketing associate and custom t-shirt designer at Melody blogs for regularly and loves innovative design where ever it is found.

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