They Used To Be So Cute

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Things that are small are cute…it’s just a fact of life.  When living things are small they’re cute so that we’re compelled to take care of them and protect them from the big bad world.  But what happens when they grow up?

Tiger Cub and Grown Tiger

A tiger cub makes you think about getting a cat, a full grown tiger makes you realize that you’re a dog person.

A Bear Cub and a full grown Grizzly Bear

Your cute little teddy bear probably won’t turn into the Godless Killing Machine that Stephen Colbert rightly fears, but be nice to it just in case I’m wrong.

Baby Porcupines and a Dog with Quills

The first image would lead you to believe that porcupines are cute, adorable creatures.  The picture on the left reminds you that Porcupine is really Latin for “OH GOD IT HURTS!”

Baby Gorilla and King Kong

Ok, so a baby Gorilla won’t grow up into King Kong, but have you ever seen a Gorilla in person at the zoo?  That calm look they’re giving you through the glass, the one you’re mistaking for apathy…that look is the knowledge that he won’t even break a sweat turning you into a piece of Modern Art.

Child Lindsay Lohan and Trainwreck Lindsay Lohan

Humans aren’t immune to the curse of growing up.  Remember when Lindsay Lohan was that cute little redhead that did Disney movies?  Guess who’s got herself an ankle bracelet mandated by a judge?  Yeah…



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