The Worst Cars Ever Sold in the US


Everyone loves cars, right? Well, most people. Actually, many of the people who drove some of the worst cars ever on American soil might disagree with that! Over the years, there have been some real bombs either made in the US, or brought to the US. These vehicles required the best car coverage since most of them were pretty unsafe. Below are 9 of the absolute worst.

1. 2001 Pontiac Aztek


If you ever actually drive this beast, you will understand something: The ridicule and abuse it received for its horrifying looks was well deserved, but if possible, the monster actually DRIVES worse than it looks! It was slow, handled terribly and fairly unreliable. It also helped to bring the famous Pontiac brand to a sad end. Other than that, not a bad ride. In the show Breaking Bad, the main character drives an Aztec. I wonder if they were trying to make some sort of statement with that? Or maybe one of the writers enjoys bad cars….

2. 1974 Ford Mustang


Whoever the designers were who decided in the 1970s to base the new Mustang on the frame of the Pinto, probably should have been tarred and feathered, at best. This car was ugly, slow, and generally horrified Pony lovers all over the country. To my eye, this car is not as ugly as some car enthusiasts believe. However, I’ll concede that it definitely lost the classic Mustang look of previous generations.

3. 1987 Yugo


This nightmare had a couple of things going for it: its $3,900 sticker price, and…..wait. That’s it. There was nothing else. This was a Serbian-made version of a Fiat, and brother was it bad. The only place this car exists now is in junkyards. And former owners’ nightmares. It was incredibly unreliable, underpowered, and it started to rust about 10 minutes after people bought it.

4. 1971 Chevrolet Vega



This car burned oil, leaked oil, drove like a dog and had no power at all. This sad vehicle was one of the cars that essentially invited Americans to start buying Hondas and Toyotas. And they still are.

5. 2003 Saturn Ion


Saturn did make some decent, inexpensive cars. You will still actually see a good number of 15 year old Saturns on the road. But the Saturn Ion was a misconceived mess. It had terrible handling and a very bad interior. The build quality was surprisingly bad for Saturn; there were wide gaps between the plastic panels on the body.

6. 1958 Edsel Corsair



No bad car list can be written without including this nightmare. This is probably the car that most people in their 50s and 60s remember the best when thinking of the worst cars ever. It is not that every one of these cars was terrible. The biggest problem with the Edsel was that the styling was just way off from what car buyers wanted at the time. In particular, the vertical grill and horizontal taillights really turned people off.

7. 1982 Cadillac Cimarron


I remember seeing these cars in the 1990s. I thought, could that POSSIBLY be a Cadillac? It looks like a Cavalier with a fancy badge! That is exactly what the Cimarron was. It was a completely misguided and shameful attempt to compete against BMW with a Chevy Cavalier. A front wheel driver, 4 cylinder Cavalier. This was a mistake that almost wiped out Cadillac.

8. 1979 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme – Diesel


The 5.7 liter Oldsmobile diesel engine sucked bad. So, GM decided to make the engine situation in this car worse. They decided to replace the 5.7 liter diesel with a 4.3. Yes.  Can you imagine driving a 4,000 pound car with 90 HP? It not only gave the meaning to the word ‘underwhelming,’ the car was so underpowered it was dangerous to drive. This mistake lasted one model year.

9. 1971 Ford Pinto


This was another cheap American economy car that drove us to buy Japanese. This car was built to be sold for about $2,000, and corners were cut. Such as, building the car to have no protection for the fuel tank. It was a death trap that could turn into an inferno in a minor accident. Ford had to pay big for this in lawsuits.

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