The Wor(l)d Has Changed – Stephane Massa-Bidel

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Got Milk? Yes We Can! The Summer of Love. There are tons of sayings just like those that easily come to mind, but French artist/graphic designer Stephane Mass-Bidel (also known as Hulk4598 online) has taken some of these well-known sayings and tweaked them just a little. If you like what you see, check out his website for more of his work over at: .

Big Browser is Watching You

Is this Firefox, Chrome, or Internet Explorer?

These Boobs Are Made for Walking

No less true than the saying about boots.

Follower Power

I like my Twitter followers far better than flowers.

Following in Love

Girl Powder

It’s People! Girl Powder is People!

Not recently...certainly not since college.

In Gold We Trust

There's a tastless joke about gold trading at higher rates than God somewhere in here.

Last Night a DJ Saved By Wife

A DJ has never saved my life or my wife.

Peace and Glove

No glove no love. Also, no woman no man.

People Have the Empowerment

Wisconsin may disagree with this statement...both statements really.


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