The Paper Sculpture of Jeff Nishinaka

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Jeff Nishinaka, born in Los Angeles, started out wanting to be a painter.  He attended Art Center College of Design, where he started experimenting with different types of sculpture, including sculpture using paper.  He had what he calls his “aha” moment working with paper, and starting creating some truly exceptional pieces of art.  He respects paper as a living thing, so he works with it in such a way that it preserves the integrity of the paper.  His work has been extremely well-received, earning him such clients as Sprint, Coca Cola, Mattel, Bloomingdale’s, and others.  Here are some of Jeff Nishinaka’s paper sculptures.

aerial shot

United State Postal Service for a magazine cover


an installation at the ANA Tokyo Hotel – 5th anniversary


Advertisement for Heifer International – a nonprofit organization that is trying to end poverty and hunger by teaching people to farm, and through gifts of seeds, trees, and livestock.  The organization, based in Arkansas, has helped families in more than 125 countries.


ad for Bloomingdales


The Vasco de Gamma Bridge for Follett Software Company.  The bridge is located in Portugal, near Lisbon.


for the 2010 Christmas Food Catalog – Le Bon Marche, Le Grande Epicerie De Paris


“Dragon” installed in Shanghai in the Peninsula Hotel


also for the 2010 Christmas Food Catalog – Le Bon Marche, Le Grande Epicerie De Paris

Jackie Chan

a commissioned piece called Jackie Chan – Young Master.  Some sources say the piece was commissioned by Chan himself, who is a friend of the artist.


this is a permanent installation at the Children’s Museum of the East End, Bridgehampton, NY.

Lion King

A self-promotion piece by the artist – a paper sculpture of The Lion King


Mattel advertisement for the Barbie Fashion Model Collection by Robert Best.  One of a series.


a public art commission for the lobby of the Barrio Action Youth & Family Center in El Serreno, CA.  The center helps at-risk kids and their families by helping them get the tools they need to live better lives.  The phoenix, a symbol of rebirth, is especially appropriate.

space needle

Japanese CD cover for an American singer compilation album.


Nishinaka created this sculpture, then it was photographed and made into wallpaper that was then installed in the PSU All-Sports Museum in Beaver Stadium – which is an outdoor college football station in PA.


a Tiger Mask – created by the artist, just because.

To see more of Nishinaka’s work, visit his webpage at

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