The Australian Social Mobile and Email Revolution


If it seems like every other Aussie you know is surfing the web, you would be correct. In fact, 94 percent of Australians are regular internet users. A study done by Exact Target found some interesting facts about Australians and there love affair with the World Wide Web, which the infographic below illustrates.
Always the social butterflies, one of the items noted was that 20 percent of their time was spent on social media sites. YouTube and Facebook were by far the most popular places to visit. Email takes priority first thing in the morning over other internet activities by a large margin, and for the majority it is that last thing viewed before bed.
One rather surprising feature shown was the differences between average hours spent online per day among the states. Varying from 18 hours to 19.7 hours, the hours of use per day does not seem to correlate directly to the percentage of internet uses a state contains as you can see below.

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