The Allergy Guide – Infographic


Well over half of all Americans suffer with some type of allergy. The estimated cost of treating allergies each year runs into six figures! Allergies can interfere with your quality of life, especially if you love the outdoors.

The first step in dealing with your own allergies is to understand them. Knowledge is power. There are three broad categories for irritants that make people miserable with hay fever, or allergic rhinitis. Learn to identify the irritants in each category.

These three broad categories share some common symptoms; however, there are a few differences among them. Being aware of these differences helps determine the particular irritants that may cause your symptoms. Determine allergies unique to regions where you spend the most time. Learn the peak seasons for pollen, smoke and mold irritants in the region where you spend the most time.

After you have learned about the allergies that are causing your particular symptoms, you can begin to take charge. Control your allergies, and don’t let them control you.

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