Thad and Sarah Lawrence Love and Marriage Photo Set

Photo Manipulations

Thad and Sarah Lawrence have some mad Photoshop skills.  They have an awesome photo set on flickr (dexterousartisan) that depicts their life through their own quirky minds.  I hope they don’t mind if I show a few photos that are extra cool – just know that these photos are theirs, not ours, and if they say “Hey!” I’ll take them down.


How?  How did they do that?

cleaning house

When she cleans up she REALLY cleans up.

fixing the brain

Guess he’s handy around the house?

heads up

What does this mean?


You have to love a guy who is secure enough in his masculinity to wear lipstick.


*cue Erasure song*

on fire

to the tune of Kings of Leon “your husband’s on fire.”


I don’t know about you, but this is, like, a weekly occurrence in my house.


I’ll take this to mean he’s broken out the heavy artillery.


My favorite of the bunch.  The secret behind a successful marriage – sparks.

An article on tells us that the couple began making these amazing photographs when they saw Flickr’s 365 series, where people who are in the group take 1 picture of themselves every day for a year.  Thad and Sarah documented the daily triumphs and turmoil of a relationship, but they put their own spin on the photos and had a great time doing it.

A new 365 group starts every year, and the rules are simple.  You need to take a photo of yourself every day for a year.  Some people have taken that to mean that they can take a picture of something that represents them as a person, or something they like, and it will count as a self portrait but it doesn’t for this group.  It has to be a picture of you, and you need to post one as close to every day as you can.

No porn.  I know you were thinking it.  Like that guy on Tumblr.  No, I’m not linking to him.  Sheesh.

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