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Chuck Norris Bit by a Zombie

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As with most thing that happen in life, they affect Chuck Norris differently. Being bitten by a zombie is no exception to this well-known rule. Well, the zombie didn’t know it, but he does now. Chuck doesn’t become the walking undead in search of brains. No. The walking undead can now effectively kick-ass as Chuck […]

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Micheal Myers Is Such a Complicated Guy

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Of all the Halloween movies out there, Halloween is maybe the best.  The first one (1978), that is.  The second one is pretty good too.  The third one  had nothing at all to do with Michael Myers, who is the big bad reason that the Halloween movies are so great.  The fourth and fifth movies, […]

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Awesome Halloween Costumes


Well, we’re less than a week from Halloween, and so I figured it was time to trot out some of the awesome Halloween costumes that I’ve stumbled across over the last few weeks.  This was harder than you’d think as, surprise internet, most of the ones I came across at first involved costumes for women […]

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