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Painted Baby Bumps

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Lots of women get pregnant. However, a new trend has emerged of decorating baby bumps, either for amusement, artistic expression, or even for charity. Here are some great baby bumps that have been done up for a variety of reasons. I really hope the kid grows up to like baseball as much as mom appears […]

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Scary Good Face Painting

Body Art

I don’t think there’s a person that hasn’t had their face painted at least once.  That being said, I don’t know that any of us have ever had it done this well.  Kinda makes you want to be a kid again getting your face painted again at the fair. Not quite as…endearing as Donkey from […]

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Art Implants, and Other Things That Make Your Mother Cry

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I am totally on board with whatever body modification you want to do.  Seriously.  Who am I to say you shouldn’t get yourself a set of horns, or totally modify your face so that you look like a cat?  It’s YOUR journey, Man. psst..DBS readers.  You totally want to see pictures, don’t you?  You do!  […]

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