Tablet E-Commerce: Portrait of a Tablet User


Is your e-commerce website prepared for the future? Tablet users are becoming more prevalent in today’s online purchases. More money is spent purchasing goods by tablet users than by those on computers and smartphones. By making your website mobile friendly, you could increase the conversion rate of sales to those who are seemingly eager to spend. Although many retailers are tempted to make apps to entice sales, it truly isn’t necessary if your website is geared for those with mobile devices.

Tablet users are more likely to spend a greater amount of money in a single purchase than other forms of online sales. There could be speculation that since the mean salary of the average tablet user is more than $60,000 that tablet users simply have more money to spend. Now that they are on mobile devices, the stores they choose to purchase from are with them regardless of the user’s location. Could this be the wave of the future, or just a fad that could become obsolete?


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