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Surgical Elf Ears – Ear Pointing

These people all need Elf help…I mean, self-help. Surgically altering your body is nothing new especially with the fascination and popularity of tattoos and piercings. But this takes body modification to a new and some would say creative level.  The procedure is called “ear pointing” and involves removing a wedge of tissue near your ear tip. The remaining to ends are then sewn or sutured together to give you a nice pointed ear resembling your favorite elf or for Star Trek fans, your favorite Vulcan character.

If you are interesting in having the surgical procedure done to enhance or de-enhance your social life, there are a few practitioners who can help such as Steve Haworth, who is credited with inventing the body modification of ear pointing. If you have the pain threshold and the time (healing can take months) then send us you photos of your ear pointing new look.

If you have the stomach for it, you can see the ear pointing procedure in the video at the bottom. The is a fair amount of blood, so be warned.


If you have the stomach for it, you can see the ear pointing procedure in the video below. Fair amount of blood, so be warned.

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  1. To each their own, but I just don't understand why anyone would want to do this to themselves.

  2. Ear pointing does seem a bit extreme and will certainly be a conversation piece at parties, if you get invited.

  3. new style says:

    Wow crazy elf ears

  4. wtf…this has to be the stupidest thing I've seen yet. Freakin' elf ears. They look like siblings of Spock.

  5. These people are MORONS!, they only do it to "attempt to be different" and are just bored, attention starved losers, looking for a new way to be an idiot.

  6. I like it. But I would prefer natural modifications, not with scalpel. It seems, that this operation leaves some of the blood vessels crippled.

  7. cool, I like the avatars… :))

  8. I absolutely love them.. I think it is a past life thing.. I would love to do it if I could.. it is just a way of life feeling.. a part of your essence, born with it I think.. you have always been magical since birth

  9. wow that’s fucked up. i think I’ll stick with latex thanks

  10. Please no!!!!!! PLEASE tell me that there aren’t people out there who are really this stupid. If these aren’t photoshopped then the human race is in serious trouble.

    • yes……because the human race will be dangered because people have…..elf ears?

      youve got to be kidding me…….

  11. Dudes?? Ehh, the ear is shaped by evolution to aid you in your hearing/perception.
    Altering the shape of the outer ear will change that for ever…
    But then again, it costs some, to be different.

  12. I find it hilarious how so many people on here judge these "elves". Hypocrites, that's all I wanna say! It's alright for you to pierce whatever body part, or to tattoo, or to do whatever you want with your hair, and it's even okay to make huge holes in your ear buds, but it's not okay to make your ears pointy…. Well, I think it's very creative and I absolutely adore that, way more than any tattoo or a piercing!!!!

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  14. Cool. Why you guys do that? At last you guys cut off your ears. Laugh at my fucking ass off.

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  16. Susan James says:

    I am a reporter who is fascinated by elf ears or ear pointing. I would love to talk to anyone who has done it or is interested in doing it for a story I am writing. Please email me

  17. I absolutely love this look, and I even tried to have this done myself. However, the natural tendency is for the ear to be round, and they will slow revert back to the natural shape. It’s a shame to have gone through all that pain (and it is unGodly painful,especially during the healing process) and the money ($400-700 USD). Maybe you’ll have better luck if your ears are larger than mine. My bod modifier warned me that my ears were too small for a great result, but I’m a hard core Trekkie so I went forth. A year later and there’s no difference in the appearance of my ears. Oh well, back to latex. If you do it, make certain that your bod modifier is safe and clean and then cross your fingers for a great result.
    To the naysayers: it blows my mind that if I wanted to have breasts the size of watermelons or the face of a 20 year old in my 60s, plastic surgeons would line up to operate on me, but this ear mod makes me a nut? Seriously, that’s just stupid.

  18. I love this look, if you had bigger ears you could look like a Hylian =D but I’d be to nervous about the pain to get it done =/ plus my ears are naturally kinda pointy…

    And, Jenna, I agree with you about the ‘naysayers’…

  19. Cool! I heard that Ferengi ears will be coming into style soon.

  20. I’ve wanted pointed ears for as long as I can remember. I assumed that I was stuck with these rounded ears though and sadly accepted them. I was absolutely delighted last year when I discovered this mod. Finally I can have ears the way always envisioned them. I’m a little dismayed that there are people out there who think that those who choice this mod are desperate for attention or trying to hard to be different but I can’t say I’m surprised. There are always people with the mind set of “I don’t want this and I can’t see why any one else would want this, therefore there is something wrong with anyone who wants this.”

  21. logicalperson says:

    Why would anyone send you their pictures when you’re just going to be an ass about what they choose to do with their own bodies, and steal their pictures anyway? Laaame.

  22. why would anyone get this done without being knocked out by anesthetic?!?!?! good lord, I would love to have my ears pointed but not if I have to be awake for it.

  23. Good to see people still blatantly judging others for shit that doesn’t matter. You should all be so proud of yourselves.

  24. Ёбнулся народ :)