Sugar Skull Prints


Jonathan Koshi, a 34 year old Mission District San Francisco web designer, has created a series of prints based on the Calaveras de Azucar associated with the Mexican Day of the Dead festivities. Drawing from pop-culture references from his childhood, and inspired by Gothic art and Swiss surrealist H.R. Giger, his art has already sold out, but thanks to the beauty of the internet, you can still view them here or by checking out his Flickr page at: .

Alien Sugar Skull

LV 426 Sugar Colony

Something about the Alien head just screams Day of the Dead to me.

Kermit Sugar Skull

Piggy's Sugar

Nothing about Kermit screams Day of the Dead to me, but this is an amazing piece nonetheless.

LEGO Sugar Skull

Lego My Sugar

Pacman Sugar Skull

Sugar Pellet

Pac-Man eating ghosts for Day of the Dead – there’s symbolism in there somewhere.

Spy vs Spy Sugar Skull

Sugar vs Sugar

Unicorn Sugar Skull



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