Successful Branding for Business


What is a brand?

That’s a word that gets bandied about quite a bit, and not just in marketing circles. It has now gotten to the point that individuals think of themselves as a “brand” or as “having a brand”. That’s particularly true of celebrities, artists and athletes such as Michael Phelps, Angelina Jolie or Lady Gaga.

Although the origin of the term ‘brand’ was a symbol – to be exact, the burnmark that cowboys ‘branded’ on their cattle to identify them – today a brand isn’t just a symbol such as a logo. Yes, of course, a logo does play a role in the branding process, but it’s not the whole ball game.

And so when you start to plan and put together your printed materials for your small business, your non-profit, your charity, or your professional organization, consider the following ideas:

1)    Your business card. There’s not a lot of room on a business card – you have your name, contact information and logo. But if your organization is service-oriented, you should consider listing on the back some of your key services, hours of operation, and contact information. These little details can serve to reinforce your brand.

2)    Your brochure (s).  In order for your brochures to reinforce your brand, they have to accomplish the following:

a)     They have to address a problem or concern of interest to the reader;

b)    They have to show that the advertiser has a special expertise;

c)     They have to show that the advertiser is aware of the needs and special circumstances of potential customers.

3)    Your catalog(s). Many businesses have a “line” – a grouping of products which may be limited to just high-quality bed linen, or it may be as broad as household goods. In order to demonstrate your “brandedness”, the thing that you have to communicate over and over again in your catalogs is that each of the items you sell has passed your own rigorous review and that it meets your standards – in other words, you have “branded” it as “good enough for your customers”.

At Conquest, our “brand” is our award-winning record for producing high-quality printed materials in support of many customers. Contact us today and we’ll help you as well.

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