Strange Products Developed By Famous Brands

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People have the strangest ideas sometimes.  They make lip balm that tastes like food, clothes with unlikely things on them, and all sorts of things that you’d think nobody would buy, and yet they do.  Here are some of our favorites.

Cheetos Lip Balm

Cheetos Lip Balm

I love Cheetos as much as the next person, but come on. I thought you used things like lip balm and mints to get the taste and smell of snacks OUT of your mouth.  Do you think this lip balm turns your lips orange like Cheetos turn your fingers orange?  The company that makes this stuff also makes Jelly Belly and Twinkie lip balm.  A good diet aid, or a diet ruiner?

Life Savers Soda

Life Savers Soda

For when you WANT to get diabetes.

Colgate Dinner Entrees

Colgate Kitchen Entrees

I’m sure these dinner entrees are lacking toothpaste, but wouldn’t you be thinking about toothpaste the whole time?

Cosmopolitan Yogurt

Cosmo Yogurt

Comso.  Beauty tips.  Sex advice.  And yogurt.

Jeff Gordon Private Label Wine

Jeff Gordon Wine

What goes great with NASCAR?  Fine wine, of course!

Precious Moments Coffin

precious moments coffin

Somehow, I don’t see this being a “Precious Moment,” do you?

Smith & Wesson Bike

smith and wesson bike

Smith & Wesson make tactical police bikes.  There are places for two water bottles.  Where, I ask, is the gun holster?  Also, I ask where I can get one of these because they’re actually really cool.

Sylvester Stallone High Protein Pudding

Stallone High Protein Pudding

You used to be able to buy this stuff, but now you can’t.  The manufacturer is out of business.  A shame, considering the reviews of the pudding were quite good.  I guess instead of getting “pudding face” you’d get “pudding biceps?”

Bottled Water for Pets

Thirsty Dog

Artificially flavored bottled water for pets.  Crispy Beef Flavor for Fido, Grilled Chicken Flavor for Mr. Meow.  It’s slightly carbonated, and enhanced with vitamins and minerals.

Trump Steaks

Trump Steaks

The Donald.  He wants you to buy The Steaks.  They’ve made fun of his commercials on SNL.  The New York Inquirer has poked fun.  Can you blame them?

Barbie Clothing

Barbie shop. The girl is human.

Barbie clothes for real-life women.  So the clothes proportions are NOT sized to women who are Barbie-sized in real life, meaning they’d be 5’9″, have a 36″ bust, an 18″ waist, and 33″ hips, putting her at 110 pounds and having a BMI of 16.24.  Or, are the clothes made that way?  At $179 for a pair of jeans, who can afford to find out?

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