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Oh look, it’s another piece on post-it notes.  This one, however, is different – mostly because the artist is a good friend of mine, and also because she’s insanely talented and I wanted to showcase her work, all of which she draws herself on post-it notes and other handy pieces of paper. Christiann McCauley is the artist behind Sticky Comics, and after you’ve gone over and checked out all her work, you should absolutely follow her on Twitter and become friends with her on Facebook.  Here’s some of my favorite Sticky Comics, but check the website often, as Christiann updates about 3 (ish) times a week.

Broccoli Baby

He’s just jaundiced…honestly.

Casablanca Cheezburger

Censorship Pencil

I’ve always felt this way about censorship.

City That Has Insomnia

First Date Google Line

Kindle Book

Kindles really are going to take over the world.

Monday Apocalypse

That’s how I feel about pretty much every Monday.

Mr Peanut Steampunk

Nomnivore Food Chain

Rock Paper Scissors Olympics

Paper was heavily favored to win the gold.

Sun Earth Die

Tetris Neighborhood

Never a straight piece when you need it.

Venn Doin It

Waiters Gonna Wait

Sad Snowman

Ok, I know you loved these as much as I did, so seriously, head over to Sticky Comics and check out more of the art, buy something to support the site, and just enjoy a good laugh while you’re at it.

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