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Nominated for 14 Emmys, Allen Kelsey Grammer, is no stranger to being in the limelight at the forefront of popular television. But Grammer’s work behind the camera is not as well known to the average viewer. His voiceover work has appeared on many programs and films where with his warm, deep baritone has added a certain something to his characters.

Being typecast as the lovable and very human psychologist doesn’t seem to worry Grammer. He has played the Crane character for a record-matching 20 years; a position he shares with James Arness’ Marshall Matt Dillon.

‘Goodnight Seattle, we love you!’

Let’s see if you can recognise the characters that Kelsey Grammer’s vocal talents have brought to life.

I’m cheating slightly with the first one. My excuse is that I’m whetting your appetite. Grammer plays the neurotic Tin Man in the forthcoming Dorothy of Oz CG animated sequel to The Wizard of Oz’next year.


tin man

‘What is a boy to do?’

Well you make an unforgettable character on another comedy series. Matt Groening’s popular cartoon series, The Simpsons has a semi-regular bad guy in the form of sociopathic Sideshow Bob.



More animated high-jinx came his way as the evil Dr Ivan Krank; he, of the long red nose and blotchy skin in Disney’s children’s show Teacher’s Pet.


teachers pet

On the silver screen he’s played larger-than-life roles too. Witness Anastasia‘s Vladimir.



Who can forget Stinky Pete the Prospector from Toy Story? He’s one of my most favourite animated characters.


stinky pete

Kelsey Grammer plays the pink pig, Snowball, who proposes a state based on Leon Trotsky’s idea of Permanent Revolution. I would advise reading George Orwell’s novella instead – this is not supposed to be a children’s story, more of a political allegory. Disney it ain’t.


animal farm

Doctor Frankenollie is another of Grammer’s evil cartoon characters. He’s a mad scientist who attempted to switch Mickey’s brain with that of his giant monster but things don’t go to plan and he disappears in a large explosion laughing maniacally.



Gary Andrews the eponymous character in Gary the Rat, an attorney who wakes us to find he has become a rat in this cartoon series for adults.


gary the rat

‘Scrambled eggs all over my face’

Commercial voiceovers are widely regarded as the venue for ‘resting’ actors or a stint they do just for a few extra pounds. Luckily, Grammer’s brief foray as Martin the Geico Gecko back in 1999 was in the comedy vein and added to his growing voiceover portfolio.

As an aside, for British readers, the Geico commercials are for an insurance company and feature the lovable gecko fielding ‘wrong number’ calls from people looking for cheap insurance. Sound familiar? Simples!



And finally…

‘Frasier has left the building’

In a role as far removed from Frasier as you might think possible, Kelsey Grammer played an extremely intelligent car washing sponge who had been kicked out of Harvard. Yes, seriously. He voices Dr Cranius a monster in Nickelodeon’s 2009 series ‘The Troop’.



Greg Coltman, writes prolifically about the entertainment industry and still bemoans the Frasier producers’ decision of getting Niles and Daphne together.



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