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So I was already impressed by the Star Wars Alphabet that I came across some time ago, but I think the Simpsons one by graphic designer Fabian “Lishoff” Gonzales might even be better. What really amazed me was how many of the characters I was able to name without having to look them up. I’ve listed them all below, but see if you can do it without looking.

Simpsons Alphabet

Alright, now that you’ve had time to look them all over, here’s the characters that represent each letter:

A – Abe (Grandpa) Simpson
B- Bart Simpson
C – C. Montgomery Burns
D – Dr. Hibbert
E – Edna Krabappel
F – Fallout Boy (as portrayed by Milhouse)
G – Groundskeeper Willy
H – Homer Simpson
I – Itchy
J – Jimbo (one of the school bullies)
K – Krusty the Clown
L – Lisa Simpson
M – Marge and Maggie Simpson
N – Ned Flanders
O – Otto (the bus driver)
P – Patty Bouvier (one of Marge’s sisters)
Q – (mayor) Quincy
R – Ralph Wiggum
S – Santa’s Little Helper
T – Troy McClure
U – Uter Zorker
V – the Van Houtens
W – Waylon Smithers
X – Xtapolapocetl
Y – Yes Man
Z – Zutroy

Hope you got most of them.

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