Simple Inventions That Are Pure Genius

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Some of the items you are about to see fall into the “why didn’t I think of that?” realm, while others fall into the “who in the world would think of that, and where can I get one?” realm.  I’ve left out most of  the almost-good ideas, and present you now with 25 simple inventions that are pure genius.  Well, maybe 10 of them are PURE genius.  Here, you decide!

Resealable Soda Can

resealable pop can

I know, right?  It is what it looks like – a resealable pop-top can.  Invented by Johan De Broyer, the can when resealed makes a gas and liquid tight seal, making your soda like brand new.  Genius.


Hat Cam

OK, slightly less genius, but still kind of neat, the Hat Cam is a ball cap with a camera mount affixed to the bill.  It looks stupid, but if you want to remember that bike ride/family picnic/rock concert just like you saw it, this product is for you.  You tool.  This is one of those “almost good” ones, isn’t it?

Big Eye Needle

Big Eye Needle

This one really is genius.  Just press down on the top of the needle, and the eye becomes big enough to see – about the size of a button hole.  Take the pressure off the top, and the needle goes back to being, well, needly.

Cord Labels

Cord Labels

Yes!  Because everybody’s house is wired so that one room only has two working outlets and therefore all things must be plugged into power strips and the TV you have in there will only let you plug in one component at a time, so if you want to watch a DVD after you watched that A Chorus Line VHS TWICE last night you have to unplug the VCR and plug in the DVD player and you don’t ever know which cords are which and you just end up there, sitting on the floor, crying until your spouse comes in to fix it.  Right?

Stand-up Toothbrushes

Weeble Wobble Toothbrushes

Great for everybody except cat owners.  Because cats like to bat wobbly things around.  Get it?

Cooler Light

Cooler light

This is key if you want to successfully, without anyone noticing, pull out the last Sam Adams “accidentally” leaving only Yuengling for everybody else.

Dog Mustache Toy

Dog Mustache

If you’re anything like us, you like to take pictures of your dog in disguises.  Just ignore the fact that the dog will be, in essence, holding a ball gag in his mouth whilst you snap that perfect picture to put on his Dogbook page.  What?  There’s no Dogbook anymore?  Oh, the humanity.  Oh wait – there is still Dogbook.  And Horsebook and Catbook and Rodentbook and Ferretbook…but nobody’s made a ferret mustache yet.  Yet.

Double-Ended Toothpaste

Double Ended Toothpaste

No more squeezing back to front, or whatever.  Just make sure you close the other end before you squeeze, or, Whoo!  What a mess!

GreenBo Flower Pot

GreenBo Flower Pot

City living at its finest.  This is actually very nice for people with balconies.  I have nothing snarky to say about it.

Snow Shorts

Sled Pants

The advertising for the Snow Shorts says “The sled is now your butt.”  Don’t worry.  It comes in adult sizes too.

Magic Tea Towel

Magic Tea Towel

Spanish genius Pep Torress invented this cool item – a kitchen towel with a small magnetic chip, so when you toss it at your appliances, it sticks.



Yep.  It’s what it looks like.  For $80-$100 you can buy this iPad game controller and use the buttons and joystick to play  your games.  Maybe you can get three starts on that stupid Angry Birds level that’s been keeping you up all hours lately if you use a joystick instead of your stylus.

Infinite USB Port

Infinate USB Port

Designed by a Harvard Grad Student, this is truly special.  If you’ve noticed, laptops have fewer and fewer USB ports.  That makes plugging a mouse, keyboard, printer, mp3 charger, etc. pretty difficult.  This solves that problem.  Now if they would only make these types of cords for XBox – we could have as many microphones as we want on Rock Band.

Pick Your Nose Cups

Nose Cups

This is just a fun product.  The end.

Pencil Wheel

Pencil Wheel

Now, drawing straight lines is a cinch!

Turn Signal Biking Jacket

Turn Signal Biking Jacket

Seriously.  Why did nobody think of this sooner?

Running Alarm Clock

running alarm clock

As if waking up for work in the morning wasn’t hard enough, we present you with an alarm clock that lets you snooze once, then proceeds to run all over the room, making noise and bumping into stuff.  That’s pretty cool on the one hand, and on the other hand you’re cruising for a “present” in your shoes courtesy of the freaked-out cat.

Retractable Speed Bumps

Retractable Speed Bumps

Again, this is awesome.  Decano Industries in Mexico have invented these speed bumps that only pop up when a car is going too fast.  Metal plates are activated by force, so if a car is going slow enough, the speed bump will stay down and out of the way.

SWITCH Screwdriver

switch screwdriver

Read the description in the picture.  Why DIDN’T we think of that?

Pizza Scissors

Pizza Scissors

I WANT these!  Pizza Scissors that dish out your slice.  Pizzzzaaaa.

Roll Bench

Roll Away Bench

Where do you put it when you’re not using it?

Touch-Activated Faucet

Touch faucet

It may not be simple, but it sure is genius.

Slipper Lights

Slipper Lights

Not only will you never stumble on your way to the bathroom again, but you can also confuse your cat, and always, always have “Billy Jean” stuck in your head while you’re wearing these.

Socket Stash

socket stash

I get why this is cool.  What I don’t get is why someone would put a toothbrush in there.

Thumb Reader

Thumb Reader

I saved the best for last.  It’s so simple, yet so perfect.  How many times have you gotten that terrible cramp in your hand from trying to hold your book in one hand?  This distributes the pressure, keeping your book open wider, and saving the strain on your thumb.  Or, maybe I’m an enormous nerd…

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