Post-It Note Art


As somebody that uses his fair share of Post-It notes, it’s nice to see them used for something other than just reminders and out of office reminders.  The dedication of these artists is nothing short of amazing.

Post-It Abstract Wall

I don’t know that it’s easier than painting or wallpapering a wall, but it’ll certainly be easier to take it down than either.

Post-It Cow

When it’s obvious what the image is without me having to tell you, it’s a good job.  It’s a cow for anybody that really didn’t get it.

Post-It Donkey Kong

Old-school video game characters are ripe for being turned into Post-It note art.  The notes mimic the pixels perfectly.

Post-It Elvis

Wasn’t surprised to find this one.  Very rare that you find an art medium and somebody hasn’t done Elvis.

Post-It Eye

Crazy amount of detail in that eye…especially considering it’s all done with Post-It notes.

Post-It Fish

The curves and the highlights on the fish are even more impressive when you think about it being Post-It Notes.  I couldn’t do something like this without Post-It Notes, let alone with.

Post-It Gazelle

The pink in the background kinda hurts my retina, but a good job either way.

Post-It Guitar

Rock out with your post-it note out!

Post-It Hand

Again, doing something with Post-It notes that I can’t do period means you have my respect

Post-It Jack Sparrow

A mostly done piece of Captain Jack Sparrow.

Post-It Jimmy Hendrix

Let’s be honest, you can’t do Elvis without doing Jimi.

Post-It Marilyn Monroe

And you can’t do Jimi or Elvis without doing Marilyn.  I’m pretty sure it’s a rule.

Post-It Mario

We had Donkey Kong, so we have to have Mario as well.

Post-It Mario 2

A more updated version of Mario along with the signature question mark box of the entire Mario line of video games.

Post-It Mega Man

And in staying with our Nintendo theme we have a Post-It Mega Man

Post-It Mrs Pac-man

Ok, so a bit more simple than most of the ones, but it’s also pretty obvious who it is.

Post-It Phoenix

And making up for the simplicity of the last one, we go to one that is arguably the most complex of any of the Post-It note art shown here.

Post-It Ray Charles

Great Post-It Portrait of Ray Charles.

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