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We all consume, we consume from our teens to our retirement years, we can’t help it, were all part of a consumer society. We also consume for a variety of different reasons, from feelings of loss, or low self esteem to reviving a relationships and even finding out who we really are.


car alarm

Would you even rent a car with this on top? Also, imagine if the alarm went off…

But to create this consumer society there must be things to consume, and there is where the creators come in, the individuals who from the sketchy beginnings of a products life take to its final launch, making consumer’s dreams come true.  For example.



But this article is not only about the dizzy heights of fashion.  It also about those creators who have chosen to walk a different path, to imagine such products that would blow your mind…but never quite make you reach for your credit card. This list is a selection of the types of products that you might never have heard of, and there is probably a good reason for that in some of the cases, as many of these are, to put it mildly, strange and unusual.

We have added some categories to the entries to help with any ideas of where they might be used. Enjoy.

Pointless Products

Type of Product:  Fashion
Creator:  Beast Wares
Product Name:  Beast
Cost:  $40 


Fashion goes from the sublime to the ridiculous at the best of times, but BeastWares took it one step further with their animal hats and tails. This could only be tailored to a younger market for mass production, but as each hat and tail are handmade,  I doubt mass market was in BeastWares’ action plan. It takes a certain type of person to go out in public wearing a huge tail, but if you have the personality to wear it, why not?  They look pretty cute.

Type of Product:  Office
Creator:  Forrest Jessee
Product Name:  The Sleep Suit
Cost – Not sure but had to add it because it is SO weird 


This giant cocoon sleep suit was created by Forrest Jessee.  Inspired by the process of four 40 minute naps over a 24 hour period called Dymaxion sleeping, the suit creates the perfect environment for Dymaxion sleep.  It cocoons the body in a lightweight suit allowing for airflow and comfort. They say that in the time it normally takes to get into bed and fall asleep, you would be in the suit and sleeping. Bring it on right now, please.

Type of Product:  Home
Creator:  Kameo
Product Name:  The Boyfriend Arm Pillow
Cost:  $24.00 

Boyfriend Arm Pillow

I guess you have to take as gospel that all Japanese women use their men for is a head rest.  Of course anyone could use one these interesting-looking cushions instead of a partner, the wide sculptured torso, the 90 degree angle arm and the fat Ernie and Burt fingers…that just spells comfort and security, doesn’t it?   Adding to its desirability, the arm is also an alarm clock and vibrates. An added bonus of the product is that you could play dress up with your half man dolly.

Type of Product:  Kitchen
Creator:  Marie Garnier
Product Name:  Homo Sapien Multi-Purpose Kitchen Tool

Homo Sapien

You couldn’t really give this product an ingenuity prize, but as far as taking the piss goes it comes top. Its marketed as a multi purpose kitchen tool, but in reality its a rock.

Type of Product:  Beauty
Creator:  Someone in Japan, For Sure
Product Name:  Beauty Smile 🙂 Trainer
Cost $8 


For those of us who smile infrequently, smiling can be difficult and painful. This simple tool could help a whole portion of our miserable society. It’s simplicity is awe-inspiring being that it’s just a bit of plastic that fits in your mouth, but at least its only $8. It is supposed to reduce sagging by developing the facial muscles.  Stronger facial muscles mean better smiles.  And the ability to win events at face-strength competitions all over the world.

Awesome Products

Type of Product:  Fashion
Creator:  Marisol Rodriguez
Product Name:  Skin Maternity Dress
Cost:  $35 


The reason for choosing this product out of all the fashion out there, is that it covers so many bases; it fulfills a need, it is clever, it is a niche and its different. This product means that pregnant women no longer have to worry about buying a number of dresses throughout their pregnancy, as the dress grows with you.

Type of Product:  Office
Creator:  Visomate
Product Name:  Visomate USB Vision and Posture Reminder
Cost:  $26


This is based purely on the amount of people everywhere that injure their backs each and every day at work. My own back is testament to this fact, and if I had had a Visomate Posture Reminder I may not have to suffer the fate of office workers everywhere. It works by sitting on top of the monitor and beeping at the user when they get too close to the monitor, thereby improving their posture. Yes it could get annoying, but only if you have bad posture.  Which you do.  Don’t you?

Type of Product:  Home
Creator:  Too Lazy to Find Out
Product Name:  Shark Attack
Cost $10

Shark Attack

Only $10 bucks to drink my way to a mean-looking ceramic shark head? SIGN ME UP.

Type of Product:  Kitchen
Creator:  Nikolai Carels
Product Name:  Boomerang Wok
Cost $149


There isn’t much to say about this product other than its technically perfect, designed so that when tossing stir fry vegetables, you don’t lose them over the side.   Of course, after spending $149 on the pan, you may not be able to afford the vegetables.

Type of Product:  Kids
Creator:  Hammacher
Product Name:  Street Skateboard
Cost:  $550

street skateboard

Most pre-teens would kill for one of these skateboards, the board goes from 0 -19 in just 3.5 seconds over paved areas, I’m guessing this means that on carpets the speed would reduce exponentially. The 600-watt motor allows the user to move along with very little effort. The rechargeable battery also only takes 4 hours to charge and will last for 10 miles.  Somehow, doesn’t every single detail make it seem less cool?

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