Pictures That Make You Say WTF

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I think it’s fair to say that every day each and every one of us has a WTF moment. But, just in case you haven’t, here are some WTF pictures designed to give you that moment. Enjoy.

Alligator - the Other other white meat

Ok, so I’ve never had alligator, but I’ve heard it’s actually quite tasty.  That being said…why did they have to prop the mouth open?

Autoerotic Japanese Toys for Kids

Ok, seriously?  What the hell is wrong with Japan?  I mean seriously!?

Fishnet Baby Picture

Sometimes, just sometimes, you need to ignore that it’s Take Your Daughter to Work Day.  One of those times would be if you’re an adult dancer for instance.  I’m not saying strippers aren’t people too, but c’mon.

Free Sex Education

I don’t imagine a giraffe can get into that position very easily, so I want to know why whoever took this picture didn’t make the kid move.  Or why they didn’t destroy the picture.  Either works.

Ronald McDonald Getting Arrested

I know that the government is coming after fast food restaurants for their unhealthy food, but I think this may be taking it too far.

Pedo Proof Park

What does it say about our society that such a sign is even needed?

Butt Looking Tent

This is why they invented the facepalm.  Wow.

Kid in the Toilet

Is he going or coming?  Just wanted to know, cause I kinda need to use that.

Tetris Dress

I understand that Tetris was, and still is, a fairly popular game.  That being said, I don’t know that any game, especially a puzzle game like Tetris, is deserving of its own clothing line.  Will we have Bejeweled dresses next?

Heads Up Slide

I guess that’s one way to discourage kids from going down the slide head first.  Natural Selection should weed out the ones that just don’t get it.

Tipped Over Truck

And this is what happens when you carry more than you can handle.  Take this as a lesson guys.  Two trips won’t kill you.

Way Too Much Pink

There’s a line when you and your dog start to look too much alike and this woman has not only crossed it, but driven across it while gleefully plowing through pedestrians.

Zombies Must Be Bored

I’m a strong believer in slow moving zombies versus the fast moving variety.  But if you’re moving so slowly that even a slow zombie can catch you…well maybe you deserve to get eaten.

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