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There seems to be a trend towards not confronting our problems.  People are, more and more, avoiding conflict and becoming passive aggressive in how they deal with it.  Fortunately, sometimes that passive aggressive way of dealing with problems is funny, and sometimes those funny passive aggressive notes people like to leave behind get photographed.  Which is your favorite passive aggressive note.

Dave's Tea

The yellow sticky note was kind, the blue tape with the question on it was just asking for somebody named Dave to steal all of their tea and drink it.

Grass Parker

It’s a pretty big assumption that the person you’re leaving notes to is also a Christian.  What if they’re not?  What if their religion advocates lawn parking?

Jesus is Watching

There’s nothing better than turning religion back on people that try to use it on you.  Nothing.

Klondike Bars

How passive aggressive would you be for a Klondike Bar?

No Service

The part of me that was a waiter is appalled by this.  The part of me with a sense of humor is absolutely in love with this.

No Soup for You

Why would you put a colon cleanser in your own soup?  Masochism and passive-aggressive behavior really don’t mix.

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Not a City in China

My only problem with this passive aggressive note is that in many countries it’s actually considered rude to tip.

Soy fucker

Bacon for Life!  You may lead a healthier lifestyle, but I get to taste the sweet, sweet flavor of bacon.

Spit Salad

I would never spit in my own salad dressing – I don’t care that much about it, but having somebody else spit in it would definitely stop me from using it.

Toilet Paper Terrorists

I will never let there be an empty roll of toilet paper again.

Typhus Vaccination

I can’t bring myself to look up what Typhus is, but I’m guessing it falls into the category marked “Bad”.

Vegan vs Carnivore

The eternal battle between Vegans and Carnivores will always be funny.


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