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Passive Aggressive Notes

There seems to be a trend towards not confronting our problems.  People are, more and more, avoiding conflict and becoming passive aggressive in how they deal with it.  Fortunately, sometimes that passive aggressive way of dealing with problems is funny, and sometimes those funny passive aggressive notes people like to leave behind get photographed.  Which is your favorite passive aggressive note.

Dave's Tea

The yellow sticky note was kind, the blue tape with the question on it was just asking for somebody named Dave to steal all of their tea and drink it.

Grass Parker

It’s a pretty big assumption that the person you’re leaving notes to is also a Christian.  What if they’re not?  What if their religion advocates lawn parking?

Jesus is Watching

There’s nothing better than turning religion back on people that try to use it on you.  Nothing.

Klondike Bars

How passive aggressive would you be for a Klondike Bar?

No Service

The part of me that was a waiter is appalled by this.  The part of me with a sense of humor is absolutely in love with this.

No Soup for You

Why would you put a colon cleanser in your own soup?  Masochism and passive-aggressive behavior really don’t mix.

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Not a City in China

My only problem with this passive aggressive note is that in many countries it’s actually considered rude to tip.

Soy fucker

Bacon for Life!  You may lead a healthier lifestyle, but I get to taste the sweet, sweet flavor of bacon.

Spit Salad

I would never spit in my own salad dressing – I don’t care that much about it, but having somebody else spit in it would definitely stop me from using it.

Toilet Paper Terrorists

I will never let there be an empty roll of toilet paper again.

Typhus Vaccination

I can’t bring myself to look up what Typhus is, but I’m guessing it falls into the category marked “Bad”.

Vegan vs Carnivore

The eternal battle between Vegans and Carnivores will always be funny.

Do you have any passive aggressive notes you would like share? Make a comment below or send them to digitalbusstop [at] gmail dot com.

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  1. It may be rude to tip in other places in the world, but in the good old US of A your servers generally only make 2.13 an hour. A ten percent tip while you are making just enough to cover the taxes is a big F-you to the waiter that hopefully worked hard for you. Hope this clears the confusion

    • You mean to tell me that minimum wage for a server in the US is only 2.13? I’m a server in Canada and make 9.20 an hour; even with the current exchange rates that’s about 9.00 USD.

      Sucks to work where you do.

      • No, they were not saying that $2.13 is the minimum wage in the US. They were saying that servers generally make less that $3 an hour, because they’re expected to get tips. Tips factor into our salaries, and we get taxed on them.
        So when you don’t tip your waiter, you’re shorting them of their hard earned money. And in most restaurants if a server makes under 15% of their sales a couple days in a row, they fire them.

        • If the server is doing a crappy job they deserve less than 15%. If they don’t like it they should work elsewhere. Fortunately for waitstaff employees though, is that it is illegal for them to be paid less than minimum wage if their tips come up severely lacking. So don’t worry bud. You get a full paycheck regardless of how hard you work for it. Isn’t America awesome?

          • Mark, you are a naive fool.

          • So people have to tip because employers in America don’t pay the right wages and waiters are expected to get tips? That explains a lot about your education system.

          • Wow L that’s a pretty ignorant comment, in the literal sense of the word. What I just now learned about your education system is that you don’t learn much about other cultures. I’m in a service trade and receive tips on a daily basis and I know perfectly well which cultures do not tip where they are from. I’m lucky to get to know my clients and not get offended when they just don’t know.

          • Dear Mark,
            You’re an idiot and an asshole. I waited tables before med school and will say that you’re a prick if you tip less than twenty percent. Even if the service is horrible. Plus, what ever happened to being generous? I genuinely enjoy giving people larger tips and I think you should try it sometime…you might surprise yourself. The $2.65 an hour that servers make (Michigan), usually doesn’t cover the taxes they have to pay. Therefore, their paychecks are a whopping ***.**
            The worst part of the whole job was putting up with the people. Granted, there were a lot of nice people I’d meet, I don’t think someone like you would fall into that category. I imagine you’d be one of those people that would complain about how long he had to wait for a table (leave if you don’t want to wait, no one’s forcing you to stay). While placing your order……I can’t finish this. You’re a moron, that’s it…that’s all.

          • Anonymous2 says:

            Anonymous, why so judgmental? Servers should not expect 20%. If employers are paying you a small amount, you are obviously expected to EARN the rest by giving good service to the people you SERVE. You are not entitled to a 20% tip. You must earn it. If you suck at your job, you don’t deserve a good tip. If you can’t do the job, you won’t get paid well, and if that continues, you’ll probably get fired. If you’re doing your job, as Mark is saying, 20% is not out of the question. I make sure to leave at least 20% if the service is good. I haven’t yet encountered service that was nasty, but if I did, you can bet that they wouldn’t be getting a huge tip from me. You earn tips; you aren’t entitled to them.

          • i just want to say that if you are in the service industry and you are not getting tips obviously you suck at your job. I was a waiter at an olive garden and i never received less than a 20% tip in my 3 years of working there. but on that same token, when i go out with my friends or my family, if my server is not doing well i tip very little or not at all. see i have a point system and judging by how these people hold themselves the either loose or gain points. more points = bigger tip. so dont give me that bullshit about how you waited tables in college and now you are sympathetic toward waiters. we both know that you couldnt give a rats ass about these people… after all youve already gotten yours havent you?

          • o and Anonymous #1 dont bash people and be too much of a wussy to put your real name

          • Most people who work as waiters NEED to work as waiters. It’s really easy to say things like “they suck at their job and need a new one”, but a lot harder to be the person working three jobs trying to make rent payments, pay for school, and throw a smile on your face every day. Your personal anecdotes don’t make for good arguments. A deficit of social mobility and the (economically justifiable) low prices for unskilled labor do, however. These issues are more nuanced than you might want to believe. The fact of the matter is that it sucks to get shorted on tip even if you weren’t a good server – just like if you weren’t paid for every time you slacked off at work to look at the clock, go to the bathroom, or generally just weren’t the best worker you could possibly be.

          • Uh, first, employers MUST match to meet the true federal minimum wage ($7.25hr), reguardless if people tip or not. US Dept of Labor, look it up, you can sue your employer if they don’t. Second, find a new place to live. CA has all servers paid at minimum the state minimum wage ($8.50) PLUS tips, which are in addition to their minimum wage. So, all those retail jobs, which are service jobs and can be just as hard in work, that pay minimum wage? That’s it, no tips. So no, I do not feel sorry AT ALL for servers. If you can’t stand it, find a new job, or get promoted. I did the latter, than the former.

            However, I still consider it rude to leave bad tips UNLESS your server is bad. If the service sucks, IT IS THEIR FAULT. Some things such as bad food aren’t their fault, but waiting 30 minutes when there’s nobody else in the building, and they’re getting high in the back (true story, happened at a Dennys), don’t expect a cent from me. Give good service, and I leave a 20% tip. Give great service, and its probably more like 25%, but it also matters how much the food is (steak houses, where entrees are $30-40 person, I’m less likely to leave 25% tips). Its the way it is.

            I’m sick of seeing servers whine and bitch. I understand them disliking poor tippers, but if they provide HORRIBLE service, they should not receive a tip, and are lucky if I don’t report them and get them fired. It wouldn’t stand in any other line of work.

      • Hilary Milne says:

        I work in a restaurant in New Zealand and I get paid $14.00 and hour and minimum wage here is $13

        • Okay.. first of all.. the federal minimum wage in the USA is $7.25. Anyone who commented above that they were making less (after 2007) is a troll. That equates to $14K a year (before tips) 35% higher than the poverty line (2009) for a single person of $10,830. In an environment where you are tipped, the employer must up your pay so that when added to your tips it equals at least the minimum wage. Keep in mind that 95% of servers WILL NOT claim any cash tips they make. Now that basically everyone uses credit/debit cards, they are being forced to claim their tips as income though. This is why people do this job though.. the pay is INSANELY disporportionate to the skill required. Cripes.. I made over $15 an hour delivering pizzas in ’00 to ’03. In an “average” place, servers will make more than that, without having to pay for gas or ruin their car

          Second of all.. if your country dictates that you are paid $14 an hour for a job which requires no skill whatsoever.. Take a look at your economy and compare it to our so called “recession” and ask your representatives what the hell they are thinking. I’m not necessarily saying being a waiter/waitress involves no skill, merely commenting on the minimum wage for all jobs.

          • As someone who waited tables for 11 years, I can tell you without a doubt that most mid to upscale restaurants pay their servers $2.13/hr. And as for your broad generalization that “all servers will not claim any cash tips”, it tells me that you are young, and do not plan on making any large purchases. (car, home, boat)

          • Hey smart guy, how about instead of giving additude, you stfu. Minimum wage may be 7.25 (actually, they just upped it), but resturant minimum is significantly less, due to tips. There is also something known as “seasonal minimum”, which is 5.85. This applies to all seasonal busniesses. So, stop being a dumb f**k and pull your head out of your butt.

          • No, Travis is the only one with some damn sense. The minimum wage is 7.25. Yes, you can “earn less”, but with tips, you MUST get paid 7.25 when all is said and done. If you earn less than that (the minimum wage is far lower for exempt staff, which includes servers), then your employer MUST match the difference. For effin sakes, its right on the US Dept of Labor’s FAQ!


            “An employer may pay a tipped employee not less than $2.13 an hour in direct wages if that amount plus the tips received equal at least the federal minimum wage, the employee retains all tips and the employee customarily and regularly receives more than $30 a month in tips. If an employee’s tips combined with the employer’s direct wages of at least $2.13 an hour do not equal the federal minimum hourly wage, the employer must make up the difference.”

            Jeez, learn the law before you show your ignorance.

          • Wish I had known this back in 1984 with min wage was $3.35 and hour. As a busboy I only made about $3/hour with my portion of the tips.

        • Yes, it explains a lot, but not nearly enough. That’s just the tip of the iceberg so to speak.

        • “You earn tips; you aren’t entitled to them.” Well put. You have exactly summed up the entire tipping situation.

          I appreciate the problem of servers being stiffed no matter what they do. But I also appreciate customers that receive indifferent service because someone thinks they are to good for the job. The is no such thing as menial work. Any job well done is honorable.

        • I am a pre-med student in Michigan as well as a server. I can tell you that generally I make about 22% of my sales in tips. Now considering I have to tip out the bussers 2% of my sales regardless of my tips, on average I make 20%… Thank God we don’t have a bar. Which I will not complain about my tips! I think that I am a good server and most nights….(there are a few when I go home with a little less than 20%) I have a few customers that tip 10-15% all the time. I know they do all the time because they are regulars at the resturant, giving different servers the same %. I strive to acheive customer satisfaction with every customer.

          The thing that upsets me the most is specials. Servers still do the same amount of work when a resturant has specials such as buy one get one free meals. Please beware to tip off of the original total!!!! On a busy night when my sales would orginally be 500 dollars, I have 250. Which means 50 dollars for the night. When I did 500 dollars worth of work and service.

          It’s not that 20% is expected it is apreiciated! Especially when you have a server that you never have to ask for anything because they are on their game. Oh another thing that bothers me 28.00 dollar bill is not a 20.00 dollar bill so 4$ tip is crap! I caught my own father doing this at the resturant. Most people can only figure 20% by taking the first number of thier bill and doubling it.

          • Most people can only figure 20% by taking the first number of thier bill and doubling it.

            You’d think they’d be smart enough to move the decimal left one spot then doubling that number..guess simple math rules are forgotten these days

          • Q, you make a good point. The dumbing down of America is proceeding well. Some of the comments on here illustrate that very well. What is so funny is, the more ignorant someone is, the more arrogant they seem to be about it. Is this part of the “Be dumb, stay dumb” training? :D

        • Anonymous says:

          There are a lot of ignorant comments on here, most of them from people who have clearly never waited on tables. The ignorant comments from ones who have, like @adubsea, is beyond me. Why anyone would waste their time counting points while they were having dinner with friends is ludicrous.

          It’s pointless to argue about the system. There are no unions and waiters don’t have the power or the ability to change the situation as it exists. It’s an overused phrase, but it is what it is.

          Waiting on tables is one of the hardest jobs I’ve ever done. There is so much of the dining experience that’s out of a server’s control. Blaming them and then tipping low because of this is ignorant. I’m not saying that it’s NEVER their fault, but I do want to make a few points here that haven’t been made. Just something to think about the next time you are sitting there adding and subtracting points and possibly not leaving a tip.

          The kitchen or bar could be running slow. That can throw of the server’s whole game. Say you ring in some drinks, go get bread for another table or deliver some food. Then you go to the bar and the bartender is just starting your order. You really want to get those drinks out so you stand there and wait. By the time you get to the table you have angry customers who don’t understand why you were late with the drinks.

          Or, say, the manager cuts staff because it looks slow, and then there is a rush of customers. Instead of four tables, you have ten. There is no way to handle this situation smoothly.

          Or maybe the busser didn’t show up so you also have to spend time running dishware and glasses out to the kitchen and bar and side stations while serving your tables.

          Or maybe you just got sat a ten top and when you go to take their order they all sit there and hem and haw not able to really order but not willing to let you walk away, asking questions, etc. while the rest of your station goes to hell.

          There are a million situations that can affect how your evening goes at a restaurant because there are so many working components and it all has to flow smoothly all the time, which just isn’t possible. These are people that generally work very hard and want you to have the best experience possible. Their income literally depends on it. So try to be a little more kind the next time you are out.

      • John Stamos says:

        Actually, there are separate minimum wages for service jobs where tips are normally given, businesses with less than a certain number of employees, age of employee, and your typical job. Minimum wage in Illinois is $8.25 for normal jobs, with $7.75 if you are under 18. For tipped jobs it is$4.95.

    • “My only problem with this note is that in many countries it’s actually considered rude to tip.”

      But it’s not rude in the US! The note is addressed to travellers. Generally if you’re travelling you should try and follow a few basic customs as to not be rude. So while it may be rude to tip in their country, it’s not in the US and as Darkwave said, many servers don’t meet minimum wage without the tip.

      So yeah, bit of a stupid comment on your part there….

      • Oh yeah, almost forgot. Tell a waiter if they need tips so badly they should just get a job that pays well and they freakout telling you how they don’t need tips and they make awesome money. But then everytime they demand bigger tips. 15% is the starting point. Then I get people insisting 18% is an average tip. Then I have waitresses bitching about how 20% should be the standard. I would rather have this cost factored into my food.

        • Nicola, your comment is in itself is “stupid” as the authors comment is that as the picture shows the use of passive-aggressive language that suggests that foreigners are “stupid” for not knowing about it. As you may not have realised, passive-aggressive can not only be annoying but also demeaning and the comment to the defence of foreigners is valid.

          So yeah, your comment was stupid on your part there….

      • Is this an American telling foreigners to "do as the Romans do"?

        How delightfully ironic.

    • While minimum wage for a tipping job is lower than other jobs, in the US the employer is required by law to raise that pay so that tips plus wage meets the standard minimum wage. If your paid $2.13 an hour and $2 an hour in tips for a pay period, your employer has to pay you an extra $3.12 an hour for that pay period.

      If they don’t, and many in fact do not, you have recourse, since this is considered an unfair labor practice unless your employer is exempt from both federal and state minimum wage laws and the FLSP (exceptionally few businesses have so few employees and so little gross revenue to manage this, and many states own minimum wage laws override the fact anyway).

    • Yeah, they are required to be boosted up to at least minumim wage by their employers. I do my fucking job and don’t beg customers for more money. I do my job and I do it well. Sometimes you even get tipped without asking for it when it’s not expected. Want to know why? I do a fucking AMAZING job at what I do. I almost always refuse tips, because I’m not poor and I get paid well.

    • my job rules says:

      If your job sucks, you can quit. I am not obligated to; nor will I be guilt-ed into tipping. Go get some job training ya friggin loser.

      • your attitude sucks says:

        That was uncalled for. I would say that a majority of servers I know are actually college students working part time to make ends meet while balancing a full course load. Even if this isn't the case, back off, and show some respect. At least these people are employed and not just living off the government.

      • I would expect people to respect those that are serving them and catering to their needs. As the other comment said, most waiters are high school or college students working to pay off tuition or other fees while still working hard.

      • Have you ever heard of something called being courteous?
        I’m a middle school student and whenever I eat somewhere i make sure to tip no less than 15%, even if the money is coming out of my pocket. These waiters and waitresses work hard for assholes like you. In these tough times no one wants to quit a job they have because they will have a difficult time finding another one. Lastly most of these people who are waiting tables for dicks like you are just college and high school students trying to make a buck.

    • lol where in the heck are you from that people make 2.13 an hour?! stop getting your facts out of the 1920s

      • …waiters and waitresses make less because they make a lot of their money for tips. min. wage for servers is way less than normal min. wage for everyone else. genius.

      • Aaron, perhaps these people as well as you, need to learn that, to do a good job deserving of tips, they need to be pleasant, prompt, and available when needed.

        Tips are not mandatory, but, like most things in life, must be earned. Would you leave 15% for poor service, a callous, uncaring attitude, and even rudeness?

        YOu are in middle school and may never have to work a day in your life, but if you do, a positive attitude will help you more than you can now believe.

    • Not only do servers make less than $3 an hour and get taxed on it, but a lot of employers require a tip share where a percentage of your sales is given to the busser and bartender (usually 10 and 5% respectively). If a customer leaves 10% or less it actually costs the server money.

    • Maybe the server needs to get his/her ass a new job or an education instead of working for change.

      • Ever read the Genius Waitress? I’m sure you have since you are implying that you are so educated. I’m sure you’ve even referenced the author in some restaurant while some uneducated waitron brought you a beer. By the way did you even read your post? It makes no sense.

    • If the service sucks…..I dont give a —- what you make an hour…..Im not tipping you for being an inconvenience.. Love the ketchup message!!! Keep up the good work.

  2. D Mac Supreme says:

    awesome! love the jesus watching you steal diet coke one.
    I tried something a little different from notes myself.
    kept getting my food stolen at the factory.
    so I made some burgers and filled em with. . .well it dosent matter, but they went missing and 5 guys had to go home sick that day, they couldnt stop s#@$ing and vomiting.
    people didnt steal from the fridge much after that

  3. While my waitress was busy exposing her cleavage to the guy with the gold chains (the guy had not yet ordered), I sat and got almost no service after my meals were served (could I have some unfrozen butter for the hot veggies, please? Oh, wait… now they are COLD veggies).

    $50 from him, $10 from my table makes for a decent average for one of the sittings at each of 2 tables (3 sittings per shift, 3 -5 tables per waitress depending on skills), but, hey – will I cry or lose sleep over the fact that I got bad service and she actually EARNED the low tip?

    No, I do NOT feel bad, because, on average, she will walk home with $80 – $200 in cash for a nights TIPS. I make barely $85 per shift, before taxes. 2 waitpersons have lived in my house, I know the numbers from first hand experience.

  4. The Lee Project says:

    Tipping shouldn’t be mandatory. It should only be done when the service warrants it. I don’t know what the minimum wage in the USA is, but it should be enough to make ends meet.

    And as folk have mentioned, sh!tty service earns sh!tty tips (or none at all in extreme cases).

    • TommyPinball says:

      Tipped employees aren’t paid minimum wage.

      “A tip is wage according to the Fair Labor Standard Act (FLSA). You are a tipped employee – that’s for example a waitress or bellboy – if you receive regularly and customarily more than $30 a month in tip. If so, your employer is only required to pay $2.13 an hour in direct wages if that amount plus the tips received equals at least the federal minimum wage of $7.25 per hour.”

      Some state laws vary.

      That being said though, good waiters/waitresses should make more than minimum wage.

      • When I was in highschool I worked as a busboy (1983) and I made $1.70/hr. I got a portion of the waitress’s tips but it never equaled minimum wage which as $3.85 at the time. I guess I was owed some money since it didn’t match minimum wage.

        • I can believe that Ryan. The place I waited tables at, we bussed our own tables & mixed our own drinks, so no tip sharing. But I had friends who waited at other restaurants where they were supposed to give 10% to the busboys & 10% to the bartender. They used to talk about always under-reporting what they made so they could give up less.

          I always hated working lunch at the place I waited at in high school. Dinner was always far busier. Lunch you’d work 9am-4pm & typically make under $20 in total tips (like $3-4/hr). Dinner you’d work 4pm-11pm & could make $100+ easy (more like $15-25/hr).

          • Of course, the paltry sum I made wasn’t helped by the fact it was a Howard Johnson’s in a county of less than 10,000 people.

  5. I have worked in plenty of restaurants as host, cook, and pantry. Servers keep their jobs because they can make amazing tips and get paid better than half of the jobs you need with no education. Ive been complained to, had to make the food by some customers ridiculous request, cleaned grease out of floor tiles, burnt my hands and arms and at the end of the week, the server is walking away with more money than I. All the server has to do? Grab the plate of food that we made and set up, bring it to your table and fill up a cup? Servers should be thankful for any tip. The people who get paid less and depend on tips- Delivery Drivers. They have to drive around, wait in the cold/or hot heat outside while you pick through your pockets to find exact change. They need the tips more than the servers. Tip your delivery drivers! and 15% is more than enough for a server. Lets not get greedy servers…

    • You made minimum wage or more as a host, cook, and pantry. (Pantry is a place to store food btw, what did you have to do?) Servers keep their jobs because the business needs them, and they don't screw up much. They get complaints more than anyone because THEY are the ones that represent the restaurant by serving the customers. The people in the kitchen don't usually see the customers at all. News flash, unless you're a chef at a 5-star restaurant, you don't need an education to cook either. Servers make FAR below minimum wage, usually somewhere between 2 & 4 dollars an hour. The tips REALLY help servers do stuff like shop for food, pay rent, pay other bills, drive a car (gas, repairs, etc.) So when you say the server doesn't NEED tips, you're being and idiot. The server has to deal with the customers' complaints, come-ons, and sometimes even groping. They also get to deal with people who are exceptionally rude asshats. As far as getting hurt goes – if you're working in the kitchen, expect to get hurt. There are knives, boiling water, vats of hot grease, stoves, ovens, etc. If you never ever got hurt working in the kitchen I'd be surprised. Instead of complaining that the server makes more money than you, go to your boss and ask for a raise. YOU chose to take the position your employer offered. Stop whining.

  6. Oh, the joys of living in a “socialist” country! I live in Australia and I get the minimum wage an hour (thanks government!). If that’s not enough, I still get tips from customers who appreciate my “focused attitude” and praise for my “work ethic” from (mainly American) visitors who I serve.
    The question you have to ask yourself is what comes first.? Is it the ability to pay, or at least terrify, your staff to the absolute minimum and expect them to provide “good service”; or pay them a living wage and reap the benefits?

  7. Here in Brazil, tipping is almost unknown for anyone. Some food service places, as in malls, will ad a “service charge of 5-10% if you get tab;e service instead of going to the counter. But that’s rare.

    Even without tipping, service is usually pretty good, but sometimes, it’s terrible with servers gossiping and ignoring customers. Still, I’d rather that instead of having the extortionist practice of tipping someone to just do their job. Is that a real “work ethic”?

    • the restaurants I have worked at usually dont allow hispanics to serve food…even though they dont tell you why, its obvious. So I get pretty mad when 1st off..I am already more qualified (being bilingual and all) that i’m hired just to bus and wash dishes with NO TIPS, doing 2 or 3 times the amount of work. And these waiters sometimes make $200 a night!!!

  8. In many countries, not in the U.S., tips are already added into the final amount so many travelers that come here dont even think about leaving a tip because it is rude where they come from to leave more because it is already included

  9. I would hate to Get that Typhus disease! haha

  10. You really shouldn’t jack other people’s content. Most of this stuff was blatantly stolen from Hell, the ketchup/mustard one is even the cover picture of their book.

  11. all who left comments you all suck bbbrrrruuuuaaaaahahahahahahahahahaaahahahahahahaah
    USA rules

  12. Next time, if I don't see a waiter for 10 mins on my table in any restaurant, I would write with sauces on the table… Nice idea.

  13. I've been a waiter for over three years, minimum wage for wait staff here is 3.63 an hour and considering the huge taxes on tips I almost never recieve a pay check at all. So my income only comes from tips, and even then i make 60 on a weekday and 100 on a weekend day on average. I tip out 3 percent of my sales on everytable to hosts and bussers. So to get stiffed on a table literally means I payed to wait on you, So do the right thing and tip your server. I look for 20 percent as my goal but with 15 percent and above im happy. 10 percent is only understandable if you truly recieved unsatisfactory service. No one likes a verbal tip.

    • Don't forget, not everyone has enough money to pay for their $30 birthday dinner & tips, so don't get too pissed when you don't get your way.

      • “not everyone has enough money to pay for their $30 birthday dinner & tips”

        The easy answer to that is buy a $25 birthday dinner so you can leave a $5 tip for the person who just spent an hour refilling your sweet tea 7 times (and the rest of your party’s, as well), burning their hand carrying your plate, and probably having at least one of your drunk, celebrating friends make some derogatory comment about the nice ass (or the opposite, such as “old,” “ugly,” or “fat”) waiting on them, knowing they can say what they want because the manager will always side with the customer.

        It’s people like you that prove generosity is dead and selfishness is king in today’s world. Servers are one of the only laborers in the US that truly see the ugly face of society.

        • This whole tipping thing is ridiculous. I make just enough to live and keep a roof over my head yet I’m then also supposed to hand over extra cash to someone if I decide to eat some food? Sorry but no.

          If I decide to treat myself once a month to a meal out of the house (if I’m lucky) I’m supposed to stiff myself out of the meal I want and get something cheaper just so I have enough left over for a tip? I cannot understand that mentality at all.

          How about you be generous and not expect someone to hand over even more money when all they want is some food. How about you try my job – emptying trash cans and don’t be such a hypocrite expecting tips…I don’t get tips, but you won’t here me having a little cry and moan about it.

          You expect extra money and if it isn’t given to you then that person is the selfish one!? Are you stupid?

      • Don’t forget, not everybody has enough money to spend their evening serving you for free, so don’t get too pissed when somebody spits in your food.

  14. There's something very backwards about a system where minimum wage is so low that you NEED tips just to make your job even close to being worthwhile, while I agree that $3.63 per hour – tax is pathetic rather than having a go at the foreign customers perhaps you should be trying to change the minimum wage in your state/country.

  15. $3.63 sounds absolutely crazy to me. I'm Norwegian, and I know things are a lot more expensive here, but still. I'm only 19, and last year I worked at a MacDonald's in Norway for $21.60 per hour. That's not minimum wage, but it's definitely the standard for that type of work. Waiters in restaurants/diners etc make at least that much, usually more.

    We don't usually tip here, except for drinks out, but it's become more common for waiters to expect it. That's crazy right, with those salaries? And you really need to rise the minimum wage in the states!

  16. FYI: Federal minimum wage in the USA has been $7.25 since '09. That equals about $14K a year. restaurants are required to pay enough so that their claimed tips + wages equal that. Poverty level is $10,830 for a single person. So even with no tips that no-skill serving job still gets you 35% more pay than the poverty level.

  17. OMG!! I know the bathroom that last one is from! That's my coffeehouse!!

  18. Wow people this is a LONG debate. hey there are better things to talk/argue about ather than this. trust me. im overseas right now, not knowing when i get to go home. i was on facebook saw one of the pictures off this page and clicked on it. when i got to this page i could not stop laughing. the simple things in life and most joyous. anyways enjoy your day/night, wherever you are. By the way on YOUR subject, if you have a little extra money and can spare it….leave a tip. it doesnt even have to be any certain percent. just do what you can do. god bless and once again have a good day

  19. The last one is untrue if you are human. Beside the veggie support group note it should have said:

    “Omnivore? Then keep eating what you want.
    Kudos to you for not being a picky little wimp. Rock on!”

  20. fajas colombianas says:

    Typhus vaccinatio would really get them to stop eating your food.

  21. From close friends I have who have worked as servers, the real problem isn’t the money, it’s the customers who cannot refrain from acting like arrogant jerks. But maybe that’s the sad facts for working retail at all.

  22. I am soooooo glad tips aren’t expected in the country I live in, it sound complicated and not very fair. (people still tip but its not not like you have to).

  23. I don’t know. The word serve reminds me of slavery. When I think of a server I think slave. In my dream world, nobody should have to gravel to bring a plate of food that they didn’t even cook to a stranger… and suck up the entire time.

    The fact that tips are based on how well you suck up to strangers, and how much you get them to eat/drink kind of makes me sick. Perhaps it’s American… perhaps it’s custom… but there is no rule to tipping, it’s just accepted as being nice.. just like the homeless guy that parked his car and walked to an interstate exit with a cardboard sign.

    Servers get tips because of the people they serve, you can’t change them by smiling. It’s hit or miss. It’s not something to argue about. I’m applying for a job serving, because I have have been educated and can’t get a decent job because nobody is hiring new talent in welding, or is willing to give people a chance. It’s “wasted” money to them.

    So why are you arguing about such an already stupid concept. You shouldn’t tip servers… They shouldn’t be serving you in the first place. It’s just a falsehood of being royalty when you’re really not… and then you get to vote on how pitiful you feel for your server.

    • “You can’t change them by smiling”? Ask yourself this, when it is time to figure out the tip would you feel more generous toward a person that was friendly, helpful, and relaxed or a sourpuss who obviously considers the job to be demeaning, and “slavery”?

      Attitude is a powerful tool toward success. Welding, or food service, how you feel about the job and yourself comes through very strongly. With your attitude, I don’t see much success for you in any field.

  24. Everyone should work for some time in the service industry so they don’t make ignorant generalizations about it. I’m not saying there can’t be bad service but for the most part there a lot of other things going on in a restaurant that people who have never worked don’t acknowledge.

  25. I agree with anonymous everyone should try the job before they judge…and everyone SHOULD leave a tip but base it on service…make sure u take into account how busy it is how many people are working…its alot harder than u would expect to do it!

  26. That sign about the “wacky” american tipping custom is great. It is a wacky custom. The whole notion of expecting a tip is ridiculous. What might have started as a nice gesture for people going out of their way with great service got way out of hand.
    I have travelled the world and have been in many countries with awesome service and no tip is expected. Yes … it is possible … it happens.
    It also happens with other services in western culture where tips aren’t expected too!

    • I understand what you are saying. Here’s another take on it. Here in Brazil, tipping is unheard of. Service in most places is abominable. Servers rarely look at customers to see if they want anything. Getting your check sometimes requires hunting down a server, interrupting their personal conversation, and requesting “a conta” (check).

      I suspect if their income were at least partially tips, they might pay a bit more attention to their business.

  27. I will not tip in the US. Why? Because almost all products are cheaper there then any where-else in the world. The rest of the world pays the US way. So why the hell should we tip? Without the rest of the world you couldn’t even afford to eat out…

  28. I don’t ever top 20%. 15% is more likely. I know that right now servers are getting $8.80/hour whether they get tipped or not. In my city, that’s enough to rent an apartment alone, and have an older car.

    If you factor in the tax (5%, yay Alberta!), that makes for a fairly expensive dinner, factoring a drink which has a minimum cost allowed.(no more $1 drinks)

    The laws are changing here so that you get $9.05 if you are serving alcohol, and $9.40 for everyone else.

    • I was a waitress for five years, before and during putting myself through college. I made $3.15 per hour, received no benefits from my employer, and because of the way they had the taxes set up, my check (which I got every other week) usually came in at around $8.
      I worked in fine dining, and I don’t consider it bragging to say I was a damn good waitress. My tip average was usually over 20%, but I was still on foodstamps and needed 3 roomates to be able to pay my bills.
      As a former waitress, I find it immensely insulting to see the ignorance and egotism echoed in not only this post, but in so many others that I simply stopped reading. Most waitresses or waiters in the U.S. make around $3.15 an hour (with the exception of bar staff or cocktail waitresses), and the government says that our tips are supposed to make up the difference of minimum wage. Considering this fact, perhaps one should consider that the tip is for greeting you with a smile, telling you about the food, explaining our gluten-free menu, knowing how your $98 bottle of wine tastes, where it’s made and what to pair it with, being there to answer any question you might have, and ensuring that “I’m thirsty,” or “I wonder where our appetizers are?” never crosses your mind.
      And allow me to point out, I am not a drop-out. I didn’t get pregnant or married right out of high school. I made good grades, worked hard, got accepted to every college I applied to, and then had to face the cold hard reality of a $29,000/year bill. After $7,000 in scholarships. I am not the only person who has ever been in that situation, and chances are you will have been served by someone just like me at some point. So tip. Be generous. Because they are working very hard to make sure that you have an excellent dining experience, and you don’t even have to get off your ass.

  29. This makes me glad for my job. I work as a bartender inboard trains making $24 an hour…Plus tips.

  30. We should realy tip bank owners more, they do the real work . Waitresses Should work for nothing and be glad they are still alive. Only reason they are alive is because all of the good work the financial sector did for the US of A.

    So don’t tip anymore and support our Banks give It to them , they know what to do with it ,and they have good education( yeah they do ) instead of those lazy waiters and waitresses who never had the guts to finish their schools,or get a real job.

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