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Partnering with OSHA for a safer workplace – Infographic

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration, or OSHA, offers an indispensable service to ensure employees operate in a workplace that is free from illness and injury.

Whether you are an employee or an employer, a safe and secure workplace is essential. While safety and freedom from health related issues is important on the job, OSHA also addresses current obligations for compliance to environmental protection standards.

Many business owners attempt to monitor the changing regulations designed to keep employees safe at work, but diligence is often not enough. Legalities and safety standards change frequently and often differ per locality. Not only are OSHA programs designed keep up with these changing obligations, their programs provide continued education in safety procedures and employee preparedness.

OSHA caters to the individual needs of a business, and a partnership with OSHA assures a safe and healthy work environment. OSHA offers individualized programs and plans to cover any size or type business.


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  1. Side Effects Of says:

    One of the many side effects of working without safety equipment and working in an environment where ergonomics are not given importance. This is why OSHA has to be enforced.

    If companies valued lives of the people they should Invest in their safety rather than having third parties forcing them to act on it.