Painted Baby Bumps

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Lots of women get pregnant. However, a new trend has emerged of decorating baby bumps, either for amusement, artistic expression, or even for charity. Here are some great baby bumps that have been done up for a variety of reasons.

Baseball Painted Baby Bump

I really hope the kid grows up to like baseball as much as mom appears to.

Coy Painted Baby Bump

I’m assuming that they have picked out the name Dylan for the child, but then you never know.

Dragon Painted Baby Bump

I like to call this one “Exit the Dragon”.

Jack o Lantern Painted Baby Bump

Baby’s first Halloween costume?

Henna Painted Baby Bump

Like how they did it around the belly button

Island Painted Baby Bump

Looks like somebody is hoping for a vacation.  Too late for that.

Smiley Face Painted Baby Bump

I think it’s a bit of an assumption that the kid is smiling.  How do we know the music is even any good?  It could be Nickelback for all we know.

Baby Painted Baby Bump

Absolutely amazing.  Kudos to whomever painted this on the belly.

SpongeBob Painted Baby Bump

What lives in your belly and makes you real tired?  SpongeBob Square…oh wait.

Tiger Painted Baby Bump

Very grrr baby!

Tree Scene Painted Baby Bump

Another really elaborate painted baby bump.  I really hope it doesn’t tickle when they do this.

Word Bubble Painted Baby Bump

This is what every child is thinking while it’s waiting to get born.  Good luck!



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