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I’m a fan of Post-It Note art.  As I have no actual artistic ability myself, I was often limited to doodling on post-it notes as it would have been a waste to use nicer sketch books.  However, Danish TV writer and director John Kenn has taken what I did for kicks while killing time and turned it into a true art form.  Below is a sampling of his works, but you should definitely go and check out his ever expanding selection of Post-It Note art on his website, .

Balloon Stealer

I’m pretty certain that monster is going to steal that child’s balloon.  So rude.

Bearded Men

Big Bad Wolf

Little Red Riding Hood would be screwed.

Boat in Water

Change Elsewhere

Come out and Play

I imagine they’re asking if she can come out and play.

Didn't Mean to Wake You

Giant Monsters

Monster Gathering

More to Come

Moving Island

I’d be a bit worried if the ground I was sleeping in suddenly started grumbling because it was hungry.

My Friend Cthullu

Cthulhu really is the best of friends.

Nice Treehouse

Playing Outside

Sea Monster

Dude, you are so boned.


He looks like he’s trying to sneak, which is sorta hard when you’re that big.

Sneaking 2

Seriously, give it up.


That Way


Welcome to my Home

Welcome to my humble abode.

What Lovely Teeth You Have

Winged Top-Hat

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