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A picture is worth 1000 words, and the folks over at Worth 1000 couldn’t agree more.  They recently held a contest challenging artists to submit photos manipulating popular Renaissance and Modern art paintings with monstrous results.  This isn’t all of them, and you should definitely go and check out the rest of the submissions at Worth 1000, but these were some of my favorites.

Adam and Eve

Frankenstein and his Bride as Adam and Eve

Alien and Predator Ma and Pa

Given how Aliens and Predators have battled across several films and comics, I can see this being a contentious relationship.

Alien Bowler Hat

I’ve liked the original ever since The Thomas Crown Affair with Pierce Brosnan.  A nice re-imagining.

Big Bad Wolf Portrait By Moonlight

A werewolf pictured by moonlight.  How appropriate.

Birth of the Creature from the Black Lagoon

Suck it Aphrodite.

Chucky Madonna and Child

Chucky as Messiah…interesting idea.

Cloverfield Scream

A far better look at the creature than you ever got in the film Cloverfield


Sign me up for this religion, blasphemy be damned.

Hellboy VIII

The resemblance is kinda eerie.

Lord Frank Enstein

The well known and beloved Lord Frank Enstein

Mona Lisa Hellraiser

I don’t think anybody is going to accuse the Mona Lisa of being a knock out, but she’s a definite step up over this.  Yowza.

Monsters Inc Nighthawks

This certainly isn’t the first re-imagined version of “Nighthawks”, but I do like the cast of Monsters, Inc. in this one.

Mothra Pirate Battle

Mothra is the ultimate nautical weapon.

Nosferatu Bonaparte

I love it.  Nosferatu Bonaparte is my new favorite general.

Pirates Mona Lisa

I’m pretty sure this is the image that won the contest.  Davy Jones Mona Lisa is awesome either way and I would totally buy a print of this.

Predator Ma and Pa

Apparently Pa gives off a real Predator vibe to artists.


I believe the original painting is of a Pope, though which one escapes me.  This is Shrek instead.

Smeagol Munch

Keep smoking kids and you’ll end up sounding like Smeagol.  That’s not a good thing.


Must.  Resist.  Mother-in-Law.  Jokes.

Victorian Orc

Why do orcs always put on the dresses they steal?  It’s just not right.

Whistler's Element

Whistler’s Mother has been replaced by The Diva from The Fifth Element.

There are many more over at Worth 1000, and I hope you find them as impressive as I do.

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