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Are you the type of person who scours the “Missed Connections” section of your local paper or craigslist, hoping to see yourself referenced?  Or are you more the type of person who reads “missed connections” because you enjoy that peep into the corners of otherwise secret lives?  Sophie Blackall is one of the latter, and her collection of ink and watercolor paintings that pays  homage to the beauty, sadness, hope, despair, and longing that goes along with a romantic view of “missed connections.”  In addition to these paintings, Blackall does a series called “Drawn From My Father’s Adventures” and is a children’s book illustrator.  Here are some of our favorite “missed connections” pieces, and the artist’s quoted piece of romance to go along with them.

Dark Skinned Well Spoken Lady

Well Spoken

I help you almost once a week at the grocery store with your seafood purchases. I doubt you’ll see this, but if you do, please respond back. I’ll know it’s you when you tell me the specific seafood you ask for each week.”

I like to think about the woman seeing this, and thinking “finally, I caught the attention of the fishmonger.”  Mainly because I like the word “fishmonger.”

Throat Tattoo

Throat Tattoo

“L Train
Hey, guy that got on at 1st Ave dressed all in black with the throat tattoo. Thanx for existing.”

I wonder how many guys on the L Train wear all black and have throat tattoos?  Actually, probably a lot.

No. 2 Pencil 4 Batman

Batman Pencil

You admired my wooden legs and caught me in your sticky wings. Wish I’d stayed a bit longer.”

I hope she was being poetic when she talked about the “sticky wings.”   Otherwise, ew.

We Shared a Bear Suit

Bear Suit

“- m4w
We shared a bear suit at an apartment party on Saturday night.
I asked for your number and you gave it to me, but somehow I don’t have an area code written down. I had a great time talking with you, and I don’t trust Chance enough to wait until I see you in the elevators…”

I read somewhere that the person who posted this “missed connection” sent the artist a picture of the bear suit sharing adventure.  As of press time, no response had been received.  Poor half-a-bear-suit guy.

Black Dress, D Train

Black Dress

“-m4w, 25
i kicked myself all the way home
for not saying hello
maybe you’ll see this
and let me take you out
i was reading d h lawrence”

Insert D.H. Lawrence reference here.

Polka Dots in the Strand


Ack! ‘Round 7pm or so… I was browsing the shelves and saw you on the other side. I swear I glimpsed our entire future together in that brief moment. It was beautiful.  And then someone asked you for the time. I mean c’mon, who doesn’t have a damn time-telling device of some sort these days!
Oh, if only I’d thought of that.”

Very romantic.  I hope he got a response back.

Let The Water Run


I fixed the water outside your apt today, you had a problem with your plumbing. I never asked you your name but I thought you were very attractive. Interested? Reply with where you were going and what you were wearing.”

Was he wearing an old-fashioned diver’s suit?  Inquiring minds want to know.

Seeking Girl Who Bit Me TWICE Last Night While We Were Dancing

Bit Me Twice

“- m4w – 27 (42nd St and 5th Ave)
So yea…um, looking for the girl who I was dancing with last night, she bit me twice. I forget her name.”

I need her name because I’m a werewolf now and stuff.

Hasidic Woman on Ferry


I know you’ll never see this but you are so pretty.”

This one is my favorite.

Floral Print Jacket on the L

Floral Print Jacket

“-m4w – 26 (Union Square)
Can I buy you a drink?
-Buffalo plaid jacket”

There are so many more good ones – but you can visit Sophie’s Missed Connections page to see them all.  Her book, Missed Connections is available on Amazon, and we wait with baited breath to see what else she comes up with – in the meantime, enjoy.

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