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Karas Wave1

This guy’s art is amazing through and through, but I found myself particularly captivated by his map art.  Yes, you read that correctly.  The man makes art out of pieces of maps.  It has a striking result.  I emailed him to ask him if I had permission to use his images in this post, and he was kind of enough to say yes, so that you can see his fine art, and he sent me the following bio:

“Matthew Cusick is an artist captivated with the geography of American culture. Muscle cars, massive freeways, manicured golf courses, and portraits of notorious killers have all been recurrent themes in his work. About nine years ago, frustrated with paint and brushes, Cusick started experimenting with some maps he had laying around the studio. “I found that maps have all the properties of a brushstroke: nuance, density, line, movement, and color. Their palette is deliberate and symbolic, acting as a cognitive mechanism to help us internalize the external. And furthermore, since each map fragment is an index of a specific place and time, I could combine fragments from different maps and construct geographical timelines within my paintings. Maps provided so much potential, so many layers. I put away my brushes and decided to see where the maps would take me.”

Cusick’s work has been shown internationally since 1996, including New York City gallery exhibitions at Andrew Kreps, Kent, and most recently Pavel Zoubok Gallery, where he is now represented. Cusick was born in New York City in 1970 and received his BFA from The Cooper Union in 1993. He has lived in Texas since 2007 and currently resides in Oak Cliff, the neighborhood in West Dallas where Bonnie and Clyde grew up.”

Here are some of Matthew’s map pieces.  Tell me you’re not impressed.

Blue Horse

This one is called Blue Horse.


This one is called Bonnie.

Charlies Angels

This one is called Charlie’s Angels.

Course of Empire Mixmaster 1

This one is called Course of Empire Mixmaster 1.  I would seriously hang this on my wall.

Course of Empire

This one is called Course of Empire.  I love the idea of a painting of roads made out of maps.  There is something so…perfect about it.

Empire Revisited

This is called Empire Revisited.  It’s a similar landscape to the piece above it, but without the roads.  Viewed together, the effect is profoundly moving.


This is a piece called Geronimo.  He recreated the look of a black and white photo, as a piece of map art, which looks like a very interesting painting.

Karas Wave

This is a piece called Kara’s Wave.  The intricate use of the small pieces of maps in the water is just stunning.

Many Rivers

This is called Many Rivers.


This is called Patriarch.  I love the colors.

Red and Blue

This is called Red and Blue. I wish I knew why some of these are called what they’re called.  Some are obvious, but others are kind of obscure.

Three Horses

This is called Three Horses – and I think that is ever so cool.

Matthew also works with textbook pages, photographs, magazine cutouts, Bible pages, and more.  His work can be found at, and you’ll have to contact him to see which pieces are available for sale.


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