Marvel ESPN NBA Cover – Kobe, Kevin Durant, & Lebron

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Marvel ESPN Cover - Kobe (Iron Man), Kevin Durant (Thor), Lebron (Captain America)

Marvel ESPN Cover – Kobe (Iron Man), Kevin Durant (Thor), Lebron (Captain America)

As a comic book fan and a NBA fan and then as a Laker fan I was quite happily surprised when I saw this month’s issue of ESPN the Mag.

Beautifully illustrated on the cover by the Marvel’s Chief Editor, Joe Quesada with inks by Dann Miki and colors by Richard Isnove are three of the top dogs in the National Basketball Association. Each go-to-guy has been linked to one of Marvel comics original Avenger’s team: Kobe Bryant as Iron Man for his stamina and reputation for playing through pain, Kevin Durant as Thor since he plays for the Thunder and Lebron as Captain American because…um, well, I have no idea. In fact, Lebron James is seen as more of a villain now than anything which couldn’t be further from what Captain American represents. An odd choice, but so be it. The Cover is still a fantastic piece of art and the combination of comics and basketball is sure to please the fans of both.

Inside are many other Marvel covers using basket ball teams as the focus. Here are all the Marvel NBA Covers.


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