Longest Losing Streaks in Sports: Seasons

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Yesterday I showed you some of the biggest blowouts in sports.  Some of them were pretty bad.  But those represented just a single game.  Here are a list of the longest streak of consecutive losing seasons in American sports.

LA Clippers (NBA) – 12 Seasons

LA Clippers

Between the 1993 and 2005 seasons, the Los Angeles Clippers didn’t have a single winning season.  This probably wouldn’t be so bad if they didn’t share an arena with the Lakers, who had several winning seasons during those years.  It’s probably not fun looking up and seeing a lot of purple and yellow and not a whole lot of red and blue.

Golden State Warriors (NBA) – 12 Seasons

Golden State Warriors

Something about California basketball teams not named the Lakers.  Just after the Clippers started their decade of depression, the Warriors started a losing streak that would last from the 1994 season through the 2006 season.

Detroit Tigers (MLB) – 12 Seasons

Detroit Tigers

While they’ve been better in reason memory, I think most of us can remember the bad years of the Tigers.  Between the 1994 and 2005 seasons, the Tigers couldn’t break the .500 mark in what I think most of us consider a pretty weak division.  I mean it’s not like they had to play against the Red Sox and Yankees all the time.

Milwaukee Brewers (MLB) – 12 Seasons

Milwaukee Brewers

Much like the Tigers, the Brewers have seen a recovery in more resent years thanks to patience by ownership and a growing farm system, but between the 1993 and 2004 seasons they wallowed in losses, amassing one of the worst streaks of losing seasons in the Majors.

Chicago Blackhawks (NHL) – 14 Seasons

Chicago Blackhawks

This is a bit of an older streak, but it’s still on the books.  Between 1946 and 1960, the Blackhawks couldn’t put together a winning season to save their lives.  Think about it – they weren’t about .500 for the entirety of the 50’s.  An entire decade of losses.

Detroit Red Wings (NHL) – 14 Seasons

Detroit Red Wings

Get ready to see a theme here.  While Detroit might be known as Hockeytown now, in between some of their great years, there were some really bad years.  From 1973 to 1987 the Red Wings were a sub-par team.  While they’ve certainly recovered now, it’s not too far back to remember some really bleak years.

Detroit/Ft. Wayne Pistons (NBA) – 14 Seasons

Detroit Pistons

Told you this was going to be a theme.  The Pistons are another team that’s seen highs and lows, but the lows – they were low.  From 1956 to 1970 (no winning seasons in the 60’s for them), the Pistons were below average at best, and bad at best.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers (NFL) – 14 Seasons

Tamba Bay Buccaneers

I really hope nobody’s surprised to find the Bucs on here.  The owners of one of the few winless seasons, the Bucs are also the owners of the longest streak of losing seasons in the NFL (Lions are sitting at 11).  From 1983 through 1996 the Bucs were a perennial punching bag in the NFL.

Philadelphia/Kansas City Athletics (MLB) – 15 Seasons

Philadelphia Athletics

It took moving to Oakland for this team to have a winning season.  Too bad that didn’t work for the Raiders.  It’s pretty bad when you never have a winning season until you’re on your 3rd city.

Vancouver Canucks (NHL) – 15 Seasons

Vancouver Canucks

For the entirety of the 80’s, the Canucks were without a winning season.  In fact, from 1976 to 1991 they were without one.  I know that stereotypes are bad, but what does it say when a Canadian team has one of the worst losing season streaks in history?

Sacramento Kings (NBA) – 15 Seasons

Sacramento Kings

The Kings barely won in the 80’s and 90’s.  From 1983 through 1998 the Kings were a below .500 team.  I know they’re in a division with the Lakers, but that’s no excuse to put together one winning season in 15 years.

Philadelphia Phillies (MLB) – 16 Seasons

Philadelphia Phillies

At least this Philly team stuck around.  While the Phillies have won a World Series of late, between 1933 and 1948 they could barely win a game.  For 16 years they put together losing seasons, and yet unlike the Athletics, they stuck around.  Suck on that A’s.

Pittsburgh Pirates (MLB) – 16 Seasons

Pittsburgh Pirates

I don’t think anybody is surprised to see this one on here.  Since 1993 (and currently still going), the Pirates have been unable to put together a winning season.  Does being in a division with the Marlins, Braves, and Phillies help?  Probably not.  But they’ve had their bad years too, hell, the Marlins were established in 1993.  It’s time for some change in Pittsburgh, because it’s not too far from 20 years of losing and I don’t see any changes on the horizon.

Be on the lookout in a future post for teams/players with the most consecutive games lost (for all you guys that want to hate on the Lions).

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