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Since 2006, UK artist “Slinkachu” has been working on a project involving small, painted miniature model train set people being placed on the street and photographed as part of an on-going installation piece/photography project that’s supposed to help people think more about their surroundings as they walk.

Below are just some of the photos he’s taken, but I highly recommend checking out his website ( for more from this and other projects that he’s working on, “Inner City Snail” that features snails found on the street, painted, and then returned to their habitat.

Adult Entertainment

Even with that tiny face, I think I see shame.

Bee Hunting

I hunted a bee with a rifle once, but the results weren’t nearly as good.

Broccoli Trees

Broccoli farming is hard and dangerous work.


Broken Glass

Broken glass is a constant worry for Little People.

Car Accident

Even Little People have car accidents.

Coast Guard

Little People Coast Guard has found a floater.

Disaster Area

Some sort of disaster, though I’m not sure I want to know what caused it to look like that.


Drunk Superhero

If you’re going to be a drunk superhero, you should at least be getting drunk off of good booze and not cheap beer.

In the Big World

We’ve all felt like at one time or another.

Mailing Letters

Manhole Swimming

Swimming in a pool in a manhole must have some deeper meaning.



I really want to believe that when the aliens come, their spaceships will have the McDonald’s logo on it.

Mushroom Painting


I suppose if you were that small you’d paint ants too.


Railroad Tunnel

All roads and rails lead to Starbucks.

Sea Monster

20 inches under the sea.


Skate or Die has never looked this good.

Snail Riding

This photo actually plays into Slinkachu’s other project, “Inner City Snail”.

Spilt Milk

I don’t cry over spilt milk, I row in it.



That can’t end well.

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