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What’s better than LEGO Star Wars figurines?  How about the little guys pictured in cute and humorous poses?  Yeah, I thought so too.

Armed Yoda

Because we didn’t all learn what a bad-ass Yoda was in “Attack of the Clones” and “Revenge of the Sith”, this picture shows us what happens when Yoda goes all General Grievous.

AT-AT Riding

Who amongst us hasn’t wanted to ride in an AT-AT?  Mind you, probably not the method I would have chose, but amusing still.

Born to Be Wild

Not quite the same as a Speeder, but I respect his ability to pop a wheelie.  Good thing he has a helmet on.

Chewbacca Kicking Ass

Going to take more guys than that to take Chewbacca.

Chewbacca Takes an Arm

Han wasn’t joking when he said that Chewbacca could tear of your arms.

Corporate Trooper

Being a Storm Trooper isn’t all fighting the Rebels.  Sometimes it’s just about the 9 to 5 grind.

Fishing Trooper

Storm Troopers need some R&R too.

Hippie Ewoks

I’m a fan of Make Love Not War too, but somehow I don’t think that Ewoks with flowers are going to stop that thing from shooting.

Hoth Cider

Hey, it’s cold on Hoth and I don’t imagine that those Imperial suits are insulated well enough.

Hoth Snowman

Sometimes you just have to keep yourself amused while on a barren frozen planet like Hoth.

Kittens with Trooper

I can haz blaster?

Not so Different

Kinda nice to know that deep down inside, Storm Troopers and Rebel Fighters really just want the same things from life.

Pirate Vader

Hey, if Darth Vader wants to dress up like a pirate, I’m certainly not going to be the one to tell him it looks funny.

R2 Synchonized Swimming

I imagine being robots would give these R2 units an unfair advantage in this “sport”

R2D2 Grilling

Personally, I like to believe that R2D2 never over cooks anything.

Trooper Aim

The real reason that Luke was able to defeat the Empire.  Storm Troopers can’t bring themselves to shoot him.

Trooper American Beauty

American Beauty meets Star Wars.  I dig it.

Trooper Chearleader

Be Aggressive!  B-E an aggressive dictatorship hell-bent on ruling the galaxy and destroying the last remnants of the Jedi order.

Trooper Facebook

I’m curious if it’s weird looking at pictures on Facebook as a Storm Trooper since they’re all clones.

Trooper Helmet Choice

Being a Storm Trooper means never having a fashion crisis before going to work.

Trooper Hobo

Building Death Stars is expensive and the Empire has had to make brutal cuts.  It’s not easy being a Storm Trooper in this economy.

Trooper iPod

I’m really curious as to what a Storm Trooper listens to on his iPod.  I’m betting Kanye.

Trooper Jaws

This pictures raises a lot of questions.  Like can it really be easy to swim in that uniform?  And are there really sharks in Star Wars?

Trooper Kicking Luke

Vader letting a Storm Trooper take care of his light work.

Trooper Knitting

Nice to see a Storm Trooper with a hobby that’s so…normal.

Trooper Marriage

Wait, if they’re all clones of each other…

Trooper on Fire

You don’t mess with R2D2.  He will light you on fire.

Trooper Pastry Chef

If you get the wrong cake for Darth Vader on his birthday he will destroy you.

Vader Force Choke

How does Vader NOT walk around just Force Choking people all the time?  I know I would.

Vader Pastry

Gotta love an evil Sith Lord that can’t get his day started without a stop for his croissant.

Yoda is the Man

Personally, I would have expected a bigger pile of Storm Troopers

Yoda Working Out

Feel the burn Yoda!  Work on those muscles!

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