[Infographic] Bioprinting: How it Works and Where it’s Headed

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Printing a pair of shoes, a dining table, a household ornament, or even a car may be all well and good in the world of 3D printing; but the buck doesn’t stop at material luxuries. Scientists around the world are putting 3D printing technology to incredible use; by applying research and development to the reconstruction of human tissue, and, one day, full organs. This groundbreaking area of research, known as bioprinting, will eventually reshape organ transplantation; allowing tissue and organs to essentially be printed on demand, rather than waiting for available donors (which are already in extremely short supply). Before you fob it off as something from a Philip K Dick novel, rest assured that bioprinting is indeed a very real thing. So when your kids, or your kids kids attend college and discover the wonders of booze, you may very well be able to print them a new liver as a graduation present.

Here’s an infographic that looks at how the process works, as well as how it could one day benefit society in a very positive way.

Bioprinting infographic

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