Illustrations by Raquel


Raquel Aparicio has an amazing portfolio, with images that start out as one thing and somehow change into another.  Below is a sampling of her portfolio, but you should definitely head over to her website, (which is Spanish) and check out her entire portfolio.  I know I spent the better part of an hour checking out her works and I’m sure you will too.

Antler Tree

Comb Forest

This one may actually be my favorite of her portfolio.  Just saying.

Dancing Shell

Industrial Key

There’s probably some deeper meaning to be found here about the Industrial Revolution, but I just really like this piece.

Piano Fork

Question Mark Dresses

Fitting as her entire site is in Spanish.

Russian Doll Hiding Place

Scissor Vines

Tree Zebra

Great way of doing the stripes on the Zebra

Walking House

Something about the chickens coming home to roost?

Wood Skeleton

Took me a few minutes to see the grains on the skeleton and realize that it’s supposed to be made of wood.  Very clever.

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