Illusion & Surrealism by Tang Yau Hoong


Freelance artist and graphic designer Tang Yau Hoong has a pretty impressive portfolio, but I think it’s fair to say that his works on Illusion & Surrealism are my favorite. Below is a selection of his works, but you should absolutely go and check out his website and take a look at some of his other works, some of which are available as prints and even as t-shirts.


I feel like this is a Portal inspired piece.


Love the colors and the inclusion of animals associated with Africa.


Erasing Hands

I’m betting on the left hand


Looking at this for too long will just make your eyes hurt.

Journey to the City of No Horizon

You can totally have this moment in Venice and it’s pretty awesome.

Lost in Transition

Reach for the Light

Sky Guitar

I’d like to think that this is what Jimi Hendrix is playing now.


So Long Old World

Sound of Nature

This piece was in conjunction with Joseph Baum.

The Zebra's Escape

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