Harry Potter vs Voldemort

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The new Harry Potter film, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows premiers this Friday, and with that mind, an artist friend of ours from our sister site, Bizarre Bytes, put together this little Harry Potter comic to illustrate how the Harry Potter universe probably could have been paired down to a single book. (Check out our 2nd Harry Potter Comic, Harry Potter vs. Hormones.)


Now, I’m not advocating gun violence, but let’s be honest, Harry probably should have done this back in the first book.  The last line could have read, “And young Harry Potter walked away without a care, having killed Voldemort with a singe bullet to the head. The End.” But “Harry Potter Kills Voldemort” as the final chapter in book one would have certainly hurt the series. 😉

If you liked this, check out more of the artist’s work.  His name is Steven Warrick and he’s got an amazing portfolio.

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