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I love food (really who doesn’t), and while I’m never going to claim to be any sort of art aficionado, there’s something truly impressive about what these people have done with every day food items. Kinda puts carving a pumpkin for Halloween into perspective.

Apple Butterfly

I don’t know that I think of butterflies when I think of apples, but this is a creative use of the stem for antennae.

Apple's Revenge

Sometimes you eat the apple, and sometimes the apple eats you.

Bird and Flower

This is a commitment to detail that is both impressive and depressing – because I do not have it.

Bread Foot

Nice sandal and toes carved out of a loaf of bread.  I do so hate to waste bread though.  It’s so tasty.

Carved Fish

That is a crazy amount of detail going into the scales.  This artist has my respect.

Demon Carving

And now I have nightmares.  Thanks little food guy.

Carved Dolphin

I think that dolphin is carved out of butter.  Paula Dean can never know about this.

Elaborate Watermelon Flower

Seriously?  Now you’re just showing off.

Forbidden Love

I just met a girl named Maria!

Fruit Native American

Every time you litter, this guy sheds a seed.

Lemon Suicide

“I regret that I have but one juice to give!”

Marshmallow Pirates

I would watch this movie.  Hell, I’d watch 3 sequels of this movie.

McDonalds Fry Spider

This is what our world will one day be reduced to.


Yes yes yes a thousand times yes!  This is all that is good and right with the world.

Melon Bird

That is just mind-blowingly impressive.  My hat is off.

Orange Self Preservation

The only analogy to a human I could make is visceral and not suitable for any kind of place, work, home or otherwise.

Radish Ant

And you thought regular ants at a picnic were bad.  Be glad that this guy doesn’t show up.

Roll with a Knife

He’ll cut you.

Side Show Bob

Nailed the dopey look of Bob perfectly.

Skull Pumpkin

On my best day with a stencil I will never carve a pumpkin this well.  Way to set the bar so high none of the rest of us can reach it guy.

Steve Jobs

Quite possibly the only way I could ever stand Steve Jobs…in a way that I could actually consume him.  Nom nom nom.

Van Gough Carving

A great representation of van Gogh.  You’d think he carved it himself….and then cut part of it off.

Watermelon Fish

Have you seen Nemo?  NEMO!

Watermelon Catcher

If that’s Jorge Posada you can just throw the damn thing on the floor now.

Watermelon Dancers

Watermelon, the forbidden carved fruit.

Watermelon Man

He’s trying to escape!

Watermelon Owl

Mr. Owl, how many bites does it get to get to the center of you?

Watermelon Penguins

Carved penguins have the hardest life ever.

Watermelon Spout

Every time you pour liquor into a watermelon at a party, imagine that it’s making this face.

Yelling Watermelon

That tiny little melon is screaming because somebody forgot to carve eyes for him.

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