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We’ve all clicked a link and been taken to a page that no longer existed.  Such is the way of the Internet and web development.  However, some sites have done a great job of recognizing that they will have 404 pages and have at least made them interesting.  Here are some good ones that I found.

Urban Pill – Chuck Norris

Chuck Norris 404

If Chuck Norris wants to take the page, he can take the page.  If you manage to survive one of his roundhouse kicks, you never want to feel it again.  Keep that page Chuck…keep the page.

Thomas Alan Design Agency – Martini

Dirty Martini Recipe

While I’m personally not a fan of dirty martinis (I don’t like olive juice, sue me), I do respect any company that puts up a decent recipe for a martini as their 404 page.  Kudos to you Thomas Alan. – War Games

War Games 404 page

Alright, since I don’t know the age of the audience, I’m going to assume you’re all younger than me.  In the 80’s, there was this movie, “War Games” starring a very young Matthew Broderick.  This 404 page is an homage to that movie, and I salute for going with a joke that not all of their viewers may get.

d20 SRD – Failed Save Check

d20 404 Page

Ah nerds, you never cease to amuse me.  Turning a 404 error page into a Dungeons & Dragons joke takes a certain style, and the guys at this site have managed to pull it off.  Anybody that’s ever picked up a d20 can appreciate this page.

Devon Locks – Fire Squad

Shoot the designer

What website hasn’t wanted to shoot their web designer at one point or another?  Sorry designers, it’s the truth.  That being said, we here at Digital Bus Stop do not advocate violence against web designers….unless they REALLY deserve it.  Then make sure your aim is true.

Catalyst Studios – Apologies

Catalyst Studios 404

Gotta love a site that took the time to draw what I’m assuming are cartoons of themselves to apologize for a missing webpage.  The guy holding the sign saying “sorry” is a nice touch…lets you know they really do care.

Ben Lew – Jedi 404

Jedi 404

Who amongst us has not uttered the phrase “These are not the droids you’re looking for”?  Star Wars is timeless, and using the Jedi Mind Trick for your 404 will always be humorous.

Luminous – Haiku 404

Haiku 404 page

As somebody with an English degree, I appreciate the time it took to write out three different Haikus for their 404 page.  Also, the bottle of Jim Beam doesn’t hurt.

NextWave – Flowchart 404

Flowchart 404 page

It’s nice that when you reach a 404 page, they give you some options.  While it’s been a while since I’ve made use of a flowchart (we’re talking 10 years ago in high school), they are still helpful.

ZUG – Other Missing Items 404

Missing Items 404

Not only is the page you’re looking for not there, neither are several of these items.

Aviation Reviews – Test Pattern 404

Test Pattern 404

You don’t really see the test pattern on TV anymore, but some of us do remember seeing it and knowing that while it was on, you weren’t going to watch whatever it was you wanted to be on.  Glad to see somebody still remembers a classic.

Warhammer Online – Forces of Chaos 404

Warhammer Online 404 Page

I would have been disappointed had this not been an impressive 404 page.  The time and graphical prowess that went into creating this page probably would have been better spent making sure that the page itself was unnecessary, but still, nice to know they’re putting forth the effort.

DDZ.Net – Gas Price 404

Gas Price 404

The really depressing part is the lack of image manipulation necessary to create this 404 page.  Yep, at one point we were paying more than $4/gallon for gas.  Thanks for rubbing salt in the still fresh wound DDZ.

Jotsai – Monkey Puppet 404

Monkey Handpuppet 404

Just another reason why I don’t trust monkey hand-puppets.  They eat webpages.  Maybe now I won’t have to explain my distrust of them to everybody. – Beginner’s Guide to 404

Beginner's Guide to 404

There might actually be a market for this book.  I mean, if Stephanie Meyer can publish those awful Twilight books, why not a book about 404?

Site Sketch 101 – Ninja 404

Ninja 404

I mean really, what could he do?  Do you know how to stop a ninja, cause I sure don’t.  The only thing that could have been worse would have been zombies, or pirates, or zombie pirates.

Destra Solutions – Missing in Action 404

Missing in Action 404

Not only are you getting Chuck Norris on this one, but instead of holding the page hostage, he’s going to go and find it for you as his character Colonel James Braddock.  Hell, he’ll probably have the page back up to you in a matter of minutes.  Just hit refresh.

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