Google Suggests Indians Want to Die



Actual Google Suggestion for Google India. Try it yourself at

So what can we learn about India from this simple Google Suggests list? Indians appear to be suicidal because they think about the future too much. Obviously they want to learn English as they are manning all the customer service and complaint calls for the United States. And doing a GREAT job too. I LOVE talking to Indians when I have a complaint! The thicker the accent, the better!

Further down, we can see the Indian nationĀ  wants to know about their past lives – big into reincarnation, I imagine.

It appears fixed marriages are still in vogue as they are searching for their marriage date.

And finally they want to know their future, but why I wonder, since they want to die. Or is this why they want to die?

Thankfully Google has boiled the Indian populace down to the following description.

Indians are suicidal people who hate spontaneity, like fixed marriages, believe in reincarnation and want to speak English to help with customer support outsourcing. Thanks, Google!

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